Dot Net Interview Questions
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Is it possible to use multipe inheritance in .net

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What are the derived classes from xmlReader and xmlWriter

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How you deploy .NET assemblies

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What is Globalizationa and Localization

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What are Resource Files ? How are they used in .NET

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Difference between Dispose and Finalize method

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How can you prevent your class to be inherated further

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What is GUID and why we need to use it and in what condition? How this is created

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Why do you need to serialize

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What is inline schema, how does it works

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Describe the advantages of writing a managed code application instead of unmanaged one. What's involved in certain piece of code being managed ?

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What are multicast delegates ? give me an example

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Can a nested object be used in Serialization

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Difference between int and int32

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How does u handle this COM components developed in other programming languages in .NET?


Is there any attempt system for microsoft technology papers?


How to instantiate a delegate?


6. Wcf- what is SOA


how to add list of items in a web application and win application?


what is machine key error in .NET how can we solve it?


I am working with 2005 and Crystal report 10. I have an image field on my dataset to show on Crystal report.And the image is shows dynamically from database in image field of CR. The image field is showing well on my Crystal report on its first page with all other data but when i click to open second page of CR,it does not show any data on that.I found that this is because of adding the image field on crystal report. Because when i remove the image field from the CR then it will run both the pages of CR. I am using the Page Load event to bind CR data with Database. And i have already check with the Init event to bind CR , but it still not shows the data on second page when i use image field on that. Please give solution for that.....


data types used in validation control


Can you create a tabletype of recordset in Jet - connected ODBC dbengine?


Session State and can i store desirialized object in state server, if yes how and if not why.


how see report periviwe


difference between Response.write,server.transfer and also which one is used when ?


If we write any code for DataGrid methods, what is the access specifier used for that methods in the code behind file and why?


deference between display and visibility property of CSS


How will calculated the net amount in tax add like total net amount = LT+ST+CESS+amount 2500 = 10%+12.5%+5.15%+amount? kindly please explain what type of formula we apply in software? Tushar