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APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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. The Chief Minister of a State is (1) Elected by the state Legislature (2) Appointed by the Governor (3) Appointed by the president (4) None

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. Which union Territory has a Legislature Chief Minister and Ministers (1) Delhi (2) Pondicherry (3) Chandigarh (4) All the above

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. The Supreme court originally consisted of a Chief Justice of India and not more than (1) 7 other judges (2) 14 other judges (3) 18 other judges (4) 17 other judges


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. Education which was originally a state subject was transferred to the concurrent list by the (1) 24th Amendment (2) 29th Amendment (3) 42nd Amendment (4) None of these

Olympia Infratech,

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. The 42nd constitution Amendment Act added a chapter on (1) The preamble of the constitution (2) The Fundamental Rights (3) The Fundamental Duties (4) All the above

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. The theory of basic structure of constitution was propounded by Supreme Court in (1) Golak Nath case (2) Gopalan verses state of Madras (3) Keshavananda Bharati case (4) None of these

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. Thirty first Amendment Act, 1973 raised. The total strength of Lok Sabha to (1) 525 (2) 514 (3) 550 (4) 545

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. The inter-state council with advise upon disputes between the states can be appointed by (1) The President (2) The Planning Commission (3) The Parliament (4) Any of these

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. The committee on whose recommendation Panchayati Raj was introduced in the country was headed by (1) Sivraj Mehta (2) Ashok Mehta (3) Balwant Raj Mehta (4) None of these

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. The Panchayati Raj Institutions in India get their funds mainly from (1) Local Taxes (2) Property Tax (3) Government grants (4) None

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. Which of the following states was the first to establish the new Panchayati Raj Institutions ? (1) Rajasthan (2) Maharastra (3) Bihar (4) A.P.

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. The Union Public Service Commission was created by (1) The Civil Services Act 1951 (2) The Constitution (3) Presidential order of 1952 (4) Parliaments Act in 1952

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. Which of the following states has no Panchyat Raj institution at all? (1) Assam (2) Tripura (3) Kerala (4) Nagaland

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. A state PSC members resigns by writing a letter addressed to the (1) President (2) U.P.S.C. Chairman (3) Governor (4) Chief Minister

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. The UPSC consists of a Chairman and (1) Eight other members (2) Eleven other members (3) Six other members (4) Indefenite members

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sir/ madam iwant town planning building oversers (TPBO) interview questions


hi i want previous papers of govt polytechnic lectures, pls forward to


sir, child devdelopment project officer(CDPO) in child and women welfare department,AP whether it is group-1 or group-2 service kindly i want to know under which service it comes.


sir i am writing assistant statistical officer exam please send syllabus


i dont know about the TNPSC exams ... i need full details about the exam... like wat kind of exams....? when s the next TNPSC exam....? for wat jobs....? qualiications.....? how to apply...? reply me plz..... i need to write the exams...... mail id


hi i'm mohammad rafiq seking for good institute for preparing groups APPSC.plzzz let me know which is best institute in 9966079361


hi whats the exact time of group1 exam ?


hi iam sirisha i want druginspector model questionpapapers,so plse send me, my mailadress


i got 290 marks in polytechnic lecturers written test ,i belongs BC-A category in zone IV.shall i expect any others BC-A candidates marks


hi,can any one send previous papers of polytechnic lecturer-2012 least give the information where i can get that book in the shops of Hyd which author .please ...


i had applied for APPSC drug inspector post in 2008 notification. but till now ididn't get any reply. could you tell me about that entrance exam when will it conduct or it was it finish. and also could you tell me about next otification date and model papers send to my mail(


please tell me Group-2 REFERENCE BOOKS


what is the procedure to apply for the drug inspector post in andhra pradesh


hi i compleated my Bcom Computer Applications i need to apply for FOREST RANGE OFFICER I eligible or not please let me know


Sir i am going to write exam for post of Officers under Training. Please send me syllabus & Model Papers to my Mail id: