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. Which of the following states was the first to establish
the new Panchayati Raj Institutions ?

(1) Rajasthan

(2) Maharastra

(3) Bihar

(4) A.P.

. Which of the following states was the first to establish the new Panchayati Raj Institutions ? ..

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( 1 ) Rajasthan

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. Which one of the following is the longest dam? (1) Hirakud (2) Bhakranagal (3) Nagarjuna sagar (4) Mettur

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Who were the two foreigners who visited Vijayanagar? (a) Vascodegama and Marco polo (b) Nicolo Conti & Abdul Razak (c) Marcopolo & Nicolo Conti (d) None

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. The President of the Constituent Assembly was (1) Dr. K.M. Munshi (2) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (3) Dr. Ambedkar (4) Jawaharlal Nehru

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. Ever green forests are in (1) Kerala & Assam (2) Madhya Pradesh (3) Rajasthan (4) Andhra Pradesh

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. The theory of basic structure of constitution was propounded by Supreme Court in (1) Golak Nath case (2) Gopalan verses state of Madras (3) Keshavananda Bharati case (4) None of these

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. Which one of the following is an artificial harbour? (1) Kandla (2) Madras (3) Bombay (4) Kakinada

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The biggest oil refinery in India is at (1) Mathura (2) Visakhapatnam (3) Barauni (4) Koyali

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. Most densely populated state in India is (1) U.P. (2) Bihar (3) Kerala (4) M.P.

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The Silver rupee was first introduced by (a) Akbar (b) Britishers (c) Shershah (d) Todar Mall

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Founder of the dynasty of the Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi : (a) Vimala Diya (b) Chalukya Bhima (c) Kubja Vishnuvardhana (d) None

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The Nizam of Hyderabad, Afzal-u-Dowla, supported the company at the time of the revolt. In return the Nizam Got, (a) The districts of Osmanabad and Raichur (b) Protection from the English (c) The Province of Berar (d) Financial assistance from the English

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The Kantaka Vyakarana is written by (a) Sarvavarma (b) Hala (c) Gunadaya (d) Kuntala Satakarni

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