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APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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. The 22nd state that joined the Indian Union is (1) Mizoram (2) Sikkim (3) Nagaland (4) Arunachal Pradesh

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. The Ambassadors of the foreign countries are appointed by (1) Prime Minister (2) President (3) Vice-President (4) Chief Justice of Supreme Court

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. The structure of the Indian constitution is (1) Federal in form and unitary in spirit (2) Unitary (3) Rigid (4) Purely federal

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. Indian constitution envisages (1) A Unicameral system (2) A Bicameral system (3) A Presidential Government (4) A democratic system

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. India has been described by the constitution as (1) Federation (2) Quasi-federal (3) A uni of states (4) None of these


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. India is a secular state because (1) All religions are equally protected (2) State has no religion of its own (3) There will be no discrimination on grounds of religion or caste (4) All the above

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. In which of the following points is the Indian constitution similar to that of U.S.A. (1) Fundamental rights (2) Rule of Law (3) Directive principles of state policy (4) Rigid constitution

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. Which part of the constitution reflects the mind and ideals of the framers? (1) Directive principles (2) Fundamental rights (3) Preamble (4) Emergency provisions


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. Sikkim became a new state in the Indian Union by the amendement act in (1) 32nd, 1974 (2) 35th, 1975 (3) 36th, 1975 (4) 37th, 1975


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. When cancitizenship not be terminated? (1) When there is emergency (2) When there is war (3) When there are elections (4) It can be terminated regardless of conditions

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. Who is empowered to suspend the operation of fundamental rights? (1) Parliament (2) Supreme court (3) President (4) Prime Minister


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. On whom does the constitution confer responsibility for enforcement of fundamental rights (1) All courts (2) President (3) Parliament (4) Supreme court & High courts

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. Which fundamental right cannot be suspended even during an emergency under article 352 of the constitution? (1) Right to equality (2) Right to constitutional remedies (3) Right to life and personal liberty (4) Right to freedom of speech and expression

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. The preventive detention act has a restraining affect on (1) Right to equality (2) Right to freedom (3) Right to Religion (4) Right to constitutional remedies

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. Which one of the following articles of the constitution prohibits censorship? (1) article 19 (2) article 22 (3) article 32 (4) None

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