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. In which of the following points is the Indian
constitution similar to that of U.S.A.

(1) Fundamental rights

(2) Rule of Law

(3) Directive principles of state policy

(4) Rigid constitution

. In which of the following points is the Indian constitution similar to that of U.S.A. (1) Fund..

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( 1 ) Fundamental rights

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Hi, I am working as Software Engineer.But my aim is to get any govt. employee.Is it possible to reach that position.Because these two fields are exactly opposite to eachoher.So i am asking this Question?

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In Andhra where the ‘Do or Die’ call was noticed (a) Nellore District Circular (b) Kurnool Circular (c) Krishna District Circular (d) Vijayawada circular

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The book ‘Kavya Mimamsa’ was written by: (a) Hala (b) Rajasekhara (c) Yatsyayana (d) Nagarjuna

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. The defective principles of state policy are directly concerned with (1) Preamble (2) Fundamental duties (3) Fundamental rights (4) None

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