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. On whom does the constitution confer responsibility for
enforcement of fundamental rights

(1) All courts

(2) President

(3) Parliament

(4) Supreme court & High courts

. On whom does the constitution confer responsibility for enforcement of fundamental rights (1) ..

Answer / guest

( 4 ) Supreme court & High courts

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. Zawabits were concerned with (1) Laws regulating mansab system (2) State laws (3) Laws regulating mint houses (4) Agricultural taxes

3 Answers  

In India, the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice is available to (1) All minorities based on religion (2) All minorities based on religion and language (3) All minorities based on language and region (4) All minorities based on religion and culture

1 Answers  

sir, child devdelopment project officer(CDPO) in child and women welfare department,AP whether it is group-1 or group-2 service kindly i want to know under which service it comes.

0 Answers   APPSC,

Blue water policy means: (a) Establishing Kingdom in India (b) Confining one’s activities to commercial transactions (c) Both A & B (d) None

17 Answers  

. Which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously? (1) Kalpakkam (2) Narora (3) Rawat Bhata (4) Tarapore

4 Answers   Kalpakkam, RRB, State Bank Of India SBI, Western Railway,

. Which places are connected by the Grand Trunk Highway? (1) Calcutta-Amritsar (2) Calcutta-Mumbai (3) Delhi-Mumbai (4) Delhi-Chennai

1 Answers  

. Who was the first Muslim ruler of Delhi? (1) Iltutmish (2) Qutab-ud-din-Aibak (3) Nasi-ud-din (4) Ali Mardan

13 Answers   HGF, TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

Rampa rebellion took place in the year : (a) 1877 (b) 1898 (c) 1873 (d) 1879

2 Answers  

. Marcopolo visited Orugallu during the regime of (1) Rudrama Devi (2) Pola Raja-II (3) Pratapa Rudra (4) Ganapathideva

1 Answers  

Kakatiyas were feudatories to : (a) Chalukyas of Kalyani (b) Chalukyas of Badami (c) Rashtrakutas (d) None

2 Answers  

A man goes 150 m due east and then 200 m due north. The distance of the man from the starting Point is (1) 300 m (2) 250 m (3) 350 m (4) 275 m

1 Answers  

Who among the following visited India first? (1) Hieun Tsana (2) Alberuni (3) Itsing (4) Megasthnese

1 Answers