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APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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. What name is given to the study of inter-relationships between the various organisms and their relationship with they physical environment (1) Ecosystem (2) Ecology (3) Ecological balance (4) Biology

2 1812

. Which of the following is the world famous mineral region of India? (1) Shillong Plateau (2) Malwa Plateau (3) Chhotanagpur Plateau (4) Deccan Plateau

1 7468

. Which mineral is related with Haematite and Magnetite (1) Bauxite ore (2) Iron ore (3) Copper ore (4) Manganese ore

5 3314

. Which of the following sources irrigates the largest area in India? (1) Canals (2) Tanks (3) Wells (4) Others

3 2904

. Which of the following is not a Kharif crop (1) Jute (2) Maize (3) Mustard (4) Rice


2 26709

. How can the limited agricultural land in India be compensated? (1) By improving wasteland (2) By bringing more land under irrigation (3) By deforestation (4) None of these

1 2111

. What is the term for combining small and scattered fields into a big unit? (1) Imposition of ceiling on land holdings (2) Demarcation of land (3) Acquisition of land (4) Consolidation of land holdings

1 2063

. Which of the following terms can aptly be substituted for ‘lack of proper nutrition’? (1) Fasting (2) Indigestion (3) Malnutrition (4) Starvation

1 1865

. Deforestation results in which of the following? (1) Drought (2) Floods (3) Soil erosion (4) All of these

2 5551

. Which of the following agents of gradation is responsible for the formation of ‘Barkhans’? (1) Glaciers (2) Running water (3) Waves (4) Wind

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4 9017

. What type of volcano is Vesuvius? (1) Extinct (2) Dead volcano (3) Dormant (4) Active volcano

2 3278

. Which of the following features is the work of underground water? (1) A cirque (2) A cave (3) A mushroom rock (4) A cliff

1 2451

. Which one of the following is a developing country? (1) Brazil (2) Britain (3) Japan (4) U.S.A.

1 1966

. Which of the following climatic characteristic is related to tropical deserts (1) Low pressure throughout the year (2) Most of the rain comes in winter (3) Very high daily range of temperature (4) Very low daily range of temperature

1 2064

. The climate characteristics of which of the following natural regions is high temperature and high rainfall all through the year? (1) Equatorial (2) Mediterranean (3) Hot desert (4) Monsoon

1 2473

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