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. What is the term for combining small and scattered fields
into a big unit?

(1) Imposition of ceiling on land holdings

(2) Demarcation of land

(3) Acquisition of land

(4) Consolidation of land holdings

. What is the term for combining small and scattered fields into a big unit? (1) Imposition of c..

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( 4 ) Consolidation of land holdings

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. Bonus is paid out of (1) Wages (2) Rent (3) Interest (4) Profits

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. India’s principal foreign exchange earner is (1) Rubber (2) Tea (3) Coffee (4) Cotton

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. The percentage of villages in the country covered by primary agricultural credit societies is almost : (1) 30% (2) 50% (3) 87% (4) 97%

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Kautilya was also called : (a) Visnugupta (b) Skandagupta (c) Rakshasa Mantri (d) None

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. In which case did the supreme court declare that a constituent Assembly should be convened to amend the fundamental Rights? (1) Golak Nath verses Punjab State (2) Gopalan case (3) Kesavendra Bharati case (4) None of the above

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. Name of the shipyard situated on the Konkan coast? (1) Cochin (2) Kandla (3) Mazagon (4) Visakhapatnam

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‘Peshcush’ means : (a) The revenue collected from Zamindars (b) The revenue collected from Farmers (c) The revenue collected from Businessmen (d) All the above

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can any one post Previous question papers of Assistant statistical officers(ASO). which is conducted by APPSC.

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. When there is President Rule in a state the powers of passing the budget of that state vests in (1) Rajya Sabha as it is council of States (2) Lok Sabha (3) The Governor (4) The President

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. The first state in India to be formed on linguistic basis (1) Maharashtra (2) Andhra Pradesh (3) Karnataka (4) Kerala

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. The states reorganization of 1956 was intended to promote (1) International peace (2) National security (3) National integration (4) The welfare of the people

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. Buddhism was divided into two sects namely Mahayana and Hinayana during the reign of (1) The Sungas (2) The Kanvas (3) Harshavardhana (4) Kanishka

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