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Telecom General Interview Questions
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In CDMA, what is the difference between CDG1, CDG2 and CDG3 tests. What all tests are present in those?


What do you mean by FDMA? Explain in details.

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What are active & passive elements in BTS?

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Name the equipments required for 2+2+2.

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What is the function of BB2F card?

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What is the function of BOI card?

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Which modulation we use in case of GPRS?

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Which slot is reserved for GPRS?

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What is the height of BTS?


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What is the height of ESMA card?

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How many maximum slots we can use in ESMA card?

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We use PSWA card in which case?

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We use PSWB card in which case?

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How many types of Transmission cards are in Ultra BTS?

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How many types of Transmission cards are in Flexi BTS?


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Tell me what is the frequency range used for bluetooth in india?


Tell me what is the time taken for 1 satellite hop in voice communication?


What is the total output power of an complete bts, in dbm and watts?


What is bts? What are its different configurations?


Explain ip addresses range a,b,c,d,e?


I want to understand what is BTS? What are its different configurations and what is the power consumption/peak current for each of these types of BTS?


how does a Metro Hub works ?


In voice communication, the maximum number of satellite hops allowed are ?


What is snmp protocol?


Do you know what is the type of signaling used between two exchanges?


Tell me how many maximum slots we can use in esma card?


Tell me at what frequency voice is sampled?


Explain how many types of transmission cards are in flexi bts?


What is difference between router and switch?


What is frequency band for 3g?