Telecom General Interview Questions
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In CDMA, what is the difference between CDG1, CDG2 and CDG3 tests. What all tests are present in those?


What do you mean by FDMA? Explain in details.

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What are active & passive elements in BTS?

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Name the equipments required for 2+2+2.

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What is the function of BB2F card?

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What is the function of BOI card?

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Which modulation we use in case of GPRS?

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Which slot is reserved for GPRS?

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What is the height of BTS?


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What is the height of ESMA card?

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How many maximum slots we can use in ESMA card?

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We use PSWA card in which case?

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We use PSWB card in which case?

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How many types of Transmission cards are in Ultra BTS?

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How many types of Transmission cards are in Flexi BTS?


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Do you know how does the traceroute work?


how to do dg commissoning?


Tell me what is the maximum number of satellite hops allowed in voice communication?


Explain what is bts?


Can I have some basic interview questions on Cramer Development, OSS, COT etc? I am expecting an interview call from the client. I have 2 years of experience in Cramer development in a Telecom Industry.


Explain call flow for roaming mobile to roaming mobile?(Both users are belongs to same state but staying on roaming in different states)


Tell me why the rsl of microwave link is in -ive?


do you have the scripts for integration Ericsson DUS (lte) ????? please support, my job is in risk


Tell me what is the layered architecture of the internet? In a wireless network, describe how each layer would be different from a wired network?


What does a 2MB pulse code modulation consist of?


Do you know how many types of transmission cards are in ultra bts?


Explain ipv4 and ipv6 address bit?


Tell me what is the frequency range used for bluetooth in india?


What is the cost of installation of BTS at a place ? justify the value, i.e. how it will cost that much.


What do you mean by fdma? Explain?