MFC Interview Questions
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What is subclassing?

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What four types of properties are supported by an ActiveX control?

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What interface must be supported by an ActiveX control?

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What is the difference between OnInitialUpdate and OnUpdate?

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What function is called by a document class to notify views that the document has been changed?

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What view class enables you to use an edit control as a view?

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What are the special requirements for dialog box resources used in a form view?

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What is the base class for MFC Framework ?

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If i derive a new class from CObject what are the basic features my derived wil get ?


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What is the use of CCmdTarget ?

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What is document-view architecture ? Give me one real time example for SDI ?

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Can you explaing the relashionship between document,frame and view ?

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How to access document object from view ?

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How to handle command line arguements from simple MFC application ?


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What is CSingleDocTemplate?

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List out the basic features of MFC.


what message is sent to an application when the user presses the primary button?


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what is the meaning of constant FILE EXCEEDS LENGTH LIMIT while loading from ps file to vsam in the jcl?


what is functioning of DIalodDataXchange ..?


how to repaint when working with horizontal scroll bar


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