MFC Interview Questions
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Tell me the different controls in MFC ?

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How to handle RTTI in MFC ?

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what is the use of AFX_MANAGE_STATE ?


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What is the difference between regular dlls and extended dlls?

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Have you ever used win32 APIs ?


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What is the difference between Synchronous sockets and asynchronous sockets?

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What is socket?

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what is the use of Mutex and critical section

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Tell me about different kinds of synchranization objects ?

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What is thread & process?


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What is CArchive class dowes?

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What is serialization ?which function is responsible for serializing data ?

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How to update all the views whenver document got updated ?

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What is the difference between GetMessage and PeekMessage ?

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What is the use of UpdateData funciton ?

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List out the basic features of MFC.


what is the meaning of constant FILE EXCEEDS LENGTH LIMIT while loading from ps file to vsam in the jcl?


what message is sent to an application when the user presses the primary button?


I want recent paper pattern for HP company?


2.create for 10 batch: Employee_Number Employee_name Employee_Dateofjoining Employee_address Employee_salary the employee name who deriving more than 10 thousand salary and joined before august 08. use structure and pointers


what is functioning of DIalodDataXchange ..?


plzz tell me what we can do and dont in tally ERP & sap business one?


how to repaint when working with horizontal scroll bar


What is the difference between Struts and JSF? Pls list some most suitable differences.