JSP Interview Questions
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How do you import the packages in the JSP?

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What is the use of Application Object and Session Object in JSP?

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how to maintain sessions in jsp?can you tellme the methods.

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How does the Jsp Expressions works ? What happens at the back?

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how can we retrieve the values in jsp by using custom tags

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What Do you Mean By Object Serialization in java.

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Are application, pageContext and object of ServletContext same or not?

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what type of question will be asked in the interview in this software field?????///


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how can i get a scjp certification??

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what are the alternate way to use the scriplet in jsp.

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Where we use assertion in java programming?

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How to works asjx in jsp?

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which situation you use static include and dynamic include in jsp?


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how to print a string with out using out.println?

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how to pass values to a function fron input tags, and how to display that values in that called function


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write a program in javasacript to shake the window


Explain jsp lifecycle methods?


Can constructor be used instead of init(), to initialize servlet?


What is the purpose of creating custom tags?


How to send data from jsp to jsp?


Explain the various scope values for tag.


What is error page in jsp?


Why is it that JComponent have add() and remove() methods but Component doesn’t?


Can we write java code in jsp?


What do you mean by custom tag in jsp?


What is the difference between server side and client side programming?


Why jsp is used in java?


What are the three tags used in jsp bean development?


Which implicit object is not available in normal jsp pages?


What is the use of jsp implicit objects?