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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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Can we do Usability Testing with Automation Testing Tools?????

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what is the exact difference between a product and a project.give an example


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Is automated testing better than manual testing. If so, why


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what is the actual time to stop testing a product.

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wht is the diff b/w functional testing and intehration testing

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what is meant by Test suite

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what is the test data u prepare fr the multiplication of the 2 integers it s urgent kindly anser fastly


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what is diff. between CMMI and CMM levels?

Sonata, TCS,

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how can we identify a bug is because of s/w error or OS problem?

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i am a PG science(chemistry),now am working test engineer in small organization,now i will decide to move better organization please send model cv and advises


what is trigger? What is stored procedures? What is a cursor?


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Which tool you use to debug SQL Queries


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If you find a design level issue, what you will do?


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Tell me about something you did ? or failed to do ? that you now feel a little ashamed of.

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Where do you see yourself five years from now?

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Explain regression testing?


Explain what n+1 testing is?


What is equivalence partitioning?


Which activity in the fundamental test process includes evaluation of the testability of the requirements and system?


Explain quality control?


Is there any working in siebel testing if so plz discuss some scenarios in siebel testing as iam preparing 4r the intrv it may be very useful to me...My mail Id I wud appreciate the guys and guls whoever helpme..Plz get back to my Id and gv sm tips... Cheers,


What are the categories of debugging?


Mention what the different types of test coverage techniques are?


Explain failure?


What is called the process starting with the terminal modules?


Hi do any one has dumps for ISTQB or ISEB exams for august or september exam 2013. Pleae mail


What is dependency testing?


hi Can anyone explain how to use sql quries in database testing with a real time scenarioin an application


Hello! I want to choose a software for verfication and validation. Can some one give me option for choosing software to test?


How much testing is enough?