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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi All, I am new this site also new to testing Domain, I am BSc (CS) Student 2010 passed out. I am planning to do Testing Course, some of them suggesting QAI Certificate Course. Could any one suggest is these certificate will useful to get the Job ? or QAI sitable for whom ? Thanks Saran

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How many test cases will be there for testing the numbers of range -10.0 to 10.0? How it is classifying?


what is the difference between smoke testing and sanitry testing


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which is the best institute for testing in hyd?

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What is CCB and MTBF, why should we use this.


What is a GAP analysis?

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Web 2.0 Style Software Testing Management System- any suggestions?

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wat r d schedules for testing?

Mind Q Systems, QA Planet,


I’m a test services vendor looking for a test management system that helps me to perform productively. Can anyone help me with this?

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Does anyone have a solution for this?


Most of my QA team members work offsite. So collaboration between the team members is an issue that has been affecting our work badly. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Hi I would like to ask a general question, I finished my post graduation(arts)a long back say 2000. I have a diploma in IT. And I have completed a course in testing(2010). What are my chances of getting a job in testing. I really have an apitude for testing and if given an opputunity I will do well. But I have been sent away after apitude tests which I know I did well(3 or 4 might have gone wrong), hr rounds. Can u tell me if I will get a job at all. Really I feel very let down. Give suggestions that will work thanx

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Hi I need install QC 9.2 on window xp sp2. Bt it shows the error msg the OS will not support. After that i install Oracle 8i then i try install QC. At that time also it shows the same error msg.. Plz Plz Plz help me in this one..

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What Do You Think Is The Main Advantage Of using Test Management tool nowdays?

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How to track the requirement from bugzilla tools? As our project requirement are changing frequestly and all are tracked in bugzilla tool. How to manage all as all project having short term duration. Please reply back ASAP? Thanks in advanced?



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Explain dynamic testing?


What is what are the parameters of performance testing?


What is test/qa team lead?


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What the main advantages of statement coverage metric of software testing are?


What is quality management?


test scenarios for downloading a file


How can you eliminate the product risk in your project?


Explain cyclomatic complexity?


During which test activity could fault be found most cost-effectively?


I am searching for job in s/w Testing. I completed the course, and hav 6 months exp as a Trainee Tester. I hv registered in all possible job-portals. But am nt gettin the response for that, instead i'm getting responses for my previous experience.(fyi: this is a shift in career. Earlier i worked in an international call center, which in fact was a diversion from my career). Can u giv me some suggestions as to hw to proceed? i am thinking of trying thru consultancies (i'm from Bangalore). Is there some things which i need to look out for? Plz guide me, in case i miss out on some important things. Thnx for all answers.


Explain stress testing?


What is bottom-up strategy?


What can static analysis not find?


What is test first design?