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Windows AllOther Interview Questions
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How do we take the backup of the mailbox for the single user.


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IIS server Senario :One company hosted the website in that Active Directory server(No PDC etc..) is down and DNS server is down. weather user was able to access the website if yes how?

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what is the difference between dual core and core 2 duo?


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what is the differnce between sd ram and ddr ram ?

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What are the different types of Backups in Windows?

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if windows server automatic reset what was the problem? Please kindly help


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how many remote desktop tools are there in windows server 2k3 & 2k8? please help me

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how to configure cluster server in windows 2k3 can you send me step-by-step? hardware requirements? how to configure cluster server in Exchange server 2k3can you send me step-by-step? hardware requirements?



what is the difference between nt and server


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How difference windows from dos? Explain the ways of organizing windows. what is the use network neighborhood? what is the use control panel in windows xp?


Hi in my system not formatted with win xp/2 . Insert xp cd into cdrom drive the following message will be displayed "File\i386/ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 12800" sset up can not continue press any key to continue.what is the problem how to solve it please help me

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what is the difference between exchange server 2003 and exchange server 2007


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I have 2 PC one winxp system with 160 gb HDD,2 GB Ram and another with 512 RAM , Pxe boot support onboard lan port but without HDD. My question is that can i boot my second pc without HDD via network and use or access winxp machine to store data ? and how ?

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presently am using vista ......i want 2 format vista and i want 2 freshly install xp but but the system is not yet formatting it is formatting with vista but not with xp.....though i used many xp cds. same pblm....... it is displaying the following error a plm has been dected and windows has been shut down to prevent this damage tecnical information: stop(0*0000007b (0*f7802524,0*c0000034,0*00000


what is the excat control flow when we start a computer,specially including POST operation and Mostly the roleof the Kernel File?



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How do I fix a corrupted file?


Can I decompile an exe file?


Is a jar file an executable?


Where is normal dot located?


What commands are used in cmd?


What is the system log?


How do I turn on safe mode?


Can we extract code from dll?


What is cmd full form?


What does intel delayed launcher do?


What is 0x0000005 error?


How do I make an exe file run automatically?


How long does scanning and repairing a drive take?


How do I view an exe file?


Will formatting a hard drive erase it?