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Protocols AllOther Interview Questions
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What is SPAN or RSPAN?


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What is flow or netflow?


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What is TACACS? Radius?

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What is the difference between Cognos Reportnet features and Business Objects???

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what is the ethernet interface?where and when we can use? how to connect hte host systems to target system


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How many layers in Network

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How many backup types in windows2003

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What is the command for uninstalling dcpromo

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How would detect whether all the layers are working properly


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How do all the layers communicate with each other?


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How do Routers work


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What is difference b/w static ip address and dynamic ip address


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what is the concept of subnetting and why its used and where it is used?


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In UDP protocal Iam sending one immage i lost one packet in network how can i refill that packet on receving side,how can i deside total immage is receved ?

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how does works ARP protocol?

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Explain Protocols?


What does ftp stand for?


pls. tell all the commands for configure cisco router 1900 series.


What is SDP? Which signaling protocols use it?


Explain two-phase locking protocol.


• Brief me about yourself? • What are your day to day job roles /responsibilities? • What is the through put of 3560 POE switch? • What is POE switch? • How will you configure VLAN in a new switch? • What is NAT? • Different types of NAT? • Difference between NAT & PAT? • Explain with diagram how you can access a PC on internet; will NAT come into picture, how? • How many physical ports are there in PIX 515E? Are they Ethernet of gigabyte? • What is difference between ASA5510 & ASA5550?How many ports are there • Explain any client network topology? • How will you configure a new firewall, parameters for configuration? • What is HSRP? • If a link is down what status will be the interface be in? • How good are you in SWITCHING ,rate yourself between 1 to 5 • What is VLAN • Avaya IP Phone, separate required? • Configuration for DATA and VOICE VLAN? • What is VTP? • Modes of VTP • Can we have more than 2 VTP servers in a single VTP domain? • What is STP? • How STP works? • How is Root Bridge elected? • Which priority is considered, highest or lowest? • Difference between STP & RSTP? • Modes of STP? • By default which mode of STP is there? • By default which mode of VTP is there? • In firewall which security level is what? • What is DMZ? • What is ether channel?


What is ftp used for?


What are protocols?


How we can communicate (voice communication) in LAN by using core java?


What is a default gateway?


How do I transfer files using ftp?


In UDP protocal Iam sending one immage i lost one packet in network how can i refill that packet on receving side,how can i deside total immage is receved ?


What are the generally asked questions for a Person who is attending Network protocol testing L2/L3.


Can you tell what do we mean by http protocol?


What is the difference between http and https?