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MySQL Interview Questions
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what is the advantage of stored procedures, triggers and indexing in mysql

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maximum size of a database in mysql?

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how many fields can be updated using set in a mysql query?

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how many table created when we create a table in mysql?

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how many ways we can get the current date in mysql?

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what is mysql optimization in brief?


What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR data types?


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Give the syntax of REVOKE commands?

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Give the syntax of GRANT commands?

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How many ways we can we find the current date using MySQL?

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What is the maximum length of a table name, a database name, or a field name in MySQL?

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Query to select passwords from a table having a column "Password" Whose length is b/w 8 &15 and having 'A' as the first character in the password irrespective of case.

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Fname Lname City Pin ramesh kumar salem 365241 Query to generate a code having the firstletter of Fname,Lname & 3letter of city Last 3letter of pin,all in capital letters

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SELECT country,city FROM customers GROUP BY country ORDER BY city DESC


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how we can find nth max salary from an employe table by using my sql?

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What is difference between oracle and mysql?


How do I check mysql version?


How many ways we can retrieve the date in result set of mysql using php?


What is a session in mysql?


HOW TO FIND display the total number of weeks in the year of 1998 IN EMP TABLE


How do I completely remove mysql from windows?


What is striped backup


What is indexing in mysql?


What is truncate in mysql?


How to load a csv file into a table


Can mongodb replace mysql?


What mysql means?


How can I create database in mysql?


How do I edit a database in mysql workbench?


What is the current version of mysql?