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at first i'm using datediff('d', a.due_date, current_date); but it takes too long to get the result but how can i subtract the current_date - a.due_date and still get the same result like when i use datediff? thank you

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how to take mysql database structure backup

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How do you start MySQL on Linux?


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What is the main different between Null and NOT Null. Difference between Primary and Unique Key. How to Check the database from which application is it possibe.

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What is Foreign Key? What is the main difference between primary key and Foreign Key ? How Foreign Key can be defined? Is Foreign key is used to join two or more table?

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What is Inner Joints and Outer Joints ? What is right outer joints,left outer joints,right inner joints , left inner joints ,


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What is the difference Delete and Drop ?

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how we connect the data base in any programme

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What is check constraint?

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what do you mean by longblob Data type in MySql?

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What is difference b/w composit key n primary key and forigion key?

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Print 3 highest salary

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what programming language which is used for testing and developement in sql?

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what is the advantage of left outer join?

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What is the difference between a Table and a View?

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How internally data stores in MyISAM and INNODB table types?


using primary can we relate two table, with out foreign key?


1)for snapshot replication which agents used? 2)for Transcation replication which agents used? 3)for merge replciation which agents used?


What are the critical issues you have resolved in your company


all the queries used in sql


what is mysql optimization in brief?


I've looked but can't find a MySQL equivalent for MS SQL's xp_cmdshell. I have 7z files that I want to unzip and load into MySQL. I'm trying to write a sp to do the unzip, but I can't find a way to do that. Can anyone provide an example of a similar process in Windows? TIA.


What is RMS Migrations


i made a table whih contain a column "Photo" with image data type and i want to insert the byte of a picture present in my hardisk using insert statement in that colum... so what will be my insert statement?


How can you plan the logshipping before processing?


How to enable or disable a row of a table using MySQL in struts?


why not null is not allowed at table level

1437 to fetch a value and Execute store procudure in mysql(INNODB) using phpMyAdmin? 2.can i wright a package in mysql database(INNODB)?


Explain the architecture models of SQL Server?


What is difference between Sql server and MySql database? It may be silly question but i really dont know.