MySQL Interview Questions
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How MySQL is different from SQL?


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what is the difrence between sql and pl/sql


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what is the difference between MyISAM and INNO DB in MySQL with the Advantage and disadvantage


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what is the main difference between myisam and innodb


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which version of mysql can't support stored procedure??

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how to display only 4 records from a table based on a condition for ex i have a table called products in that nid,prodname are fields i want to display only any 4 records of perticular product plz tell me

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I have two sql database at different can link b/w database and database tables.

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How to see the database architecture in MySQL??

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how to delete duplicate rows in sql server 2005?

Reliance, EWIT,

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Can anyone help me to create a good mysql database schema with an example. Thanks, Sekar.jr

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Which one of the following is the correct way to select all columns and all rows from "vtable"? Choice 1 SELECT FROM vtable SELF JOIN vtable Choice 2 SELECT ALL COLUMNS FROM vtable WHERE ALL ROWS = * Choice 3 SELECT EVERYTHING FROM vtable Choice 4 SELECT vtable.* WHERE vtable = vtable Choice 5 SELECT * FROM vtable WHERE 1 = 1

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In PHPmysql language how can we update our previous information.when update form open then we get our previous information in textbox,checkbox,selct,radio button.How can we show the information in checkbox,select menu,radio button which is available in database?


HOW TO FIND display the total number of weeks in the year of 1998 IN EMP TABLE


mazimum size of a database in mysql? when we create a table then how many tables actually created? write there name?

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how to repair a table in mysql?

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what is mysql optimization in brief?


Hi Team, This is kartik, I recently completed my B-tech. Importance of posting this question is for to know the best books on SQL(MYSQL/Oracle)? I like SQL concept's so much, at the same time i decided to choose SQL for my career purpose. So please suggest me the best books that are very helpful for a fresher to improve concepts like (SQL/PLSQL)Basics, programming concepts, architectures etc. Please consider my request as an important one. I am very thankful to you for providing this opportunity. If possible can you please send the names of books for my personal id also: Thanks, Kartik T


How can you move the master database


all the queries used in sql


Can u give the example by taking an unnormalized table and make that 1nf and then 25nf, and then 3 nf?


using primary can we relate two table, with out foreign key?


What is RMS Migrations


How can you plan the logshipping before processing?


explain GROUPBY & HAVING clause with examples.


In a property booking section want a query to check that property is booked from StartDate to EndDate.Booking Table field are given id proerty_id start_date checkout_date no_of_visitor booking date status Waiting yours answer.. Thanks In Advance...

1595 to fetch a value and Execute store procudure in mysql(INNODB) using phpMyAdmin? 2.can i wright a package in mysql database(INNODB)?


What are the critical issues you have resolved in your company


How to set the time zone for MySQL to particular country time?


How internally data stores in MyISAM and INNODB table types?


why not null is not allowed at table level