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MySQL Interview Questions
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what is JOIN? Give example & types of join?

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what are the optimization techniques for Query optimization performance issues and faster execution of queries

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what are the main differences between MyISAM and InnoDB table storage structures ? what are the advantages and disadvantages in usage of these ?

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in a master-master replication with two masters and alternate slaves running on two systems.can i have a script or any mysql command to know which one is right now acting as master.

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if we want to load data from a text file into a mysql table, but the columns in table are 1st: code(int) and 2nd: city(varchar), but in text file the format is 1st cityname and then code separeted by delimeters. how to load?

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how we can use more then one primary key in Single Table


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Ondelete clause is specified with a.)Drop table b.)Delete command c.)Create table d.)Select command

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how to find missing numbers between two order numbers; and dates ?

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How to get full name of monthname ?

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about join

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about foregine

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How to find out the second largest element from mysql table

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How we can copy one table data into another table whose name same as table but in differ database

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please give me the answer for this: query which generates the second highest integer in the table?

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How many tables will create when we create table, what are they?

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Do you need a license for mysql?


Is mysql same as mariadb?


What is the datatype for password in mysql?


Is mysql same as sql?


What is the default port for MySQL Server?


How many rows can be inserted in mysql at a time?


How to get last inserted id after insert data from a table in mysql?


What is the maximum number of columns per table?


What is int unsigned?


How do you use auto increment?


What is a join? Explain the different types of mysql joins.


What is ntext?


What are the common mysql functions?


How can you make a database as your current database?


What are the limitations of mysql?