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MySQL Interview Questions
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of MySQL?



What is the difference between GROUP BY and ORDER BY in Sql?

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What is the difference between char and varchar data types?

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How to load data from a text file into a table?


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How can we know the number of days between two given dates using MySQL?

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How can we change the name of a column of a table?

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How can we change the name and data type of a column of a table?


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What are the differences between drop a table and truncate a table?

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A select query over a large table runs very slow because of the growing number of entries in that table. What different measures could be taken to improve speed?

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A company wants to store their invoices in a database. They already have their customers and articles in that database. Both customer and article are each identified by an unique integer value. Please create the SQL statements for creating the necessary table(s) for storing the invoices in a MySQL database. An invoice should hold information like invoice number, customer, date, article(s) and quantity etc.

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For the database from the previous question, please give an SQL query which returns the invoice number of all invoices which contain the article with the number ?1234?. The query should be able to run under a MySQL 4.0 database.

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How would you backup and restore a big MySQL database? What are the advantages of the approach which you have taken over the others?

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What are the differences between MySQL_fetch_array(), MySQL_fetch_object(), MySQL_fetch_row()?

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Explain MySQL optimization?

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The table tbl_sites contains the following data: ----------------------------------------------------- Userid sitename country ------------------------------------------------------ 1 sureshbabu indian 2 PHPprogrammer andhra 3 usa 4 germany 5 usa 6 sureshbabu canada 7 pakistan 8. austria 9. sourthafrica 10. russia 11. sureshbabu australia 12. sureshbabu nepal 13. italy Write a select query that will displayed the duplicated site name and how many times it is duplicated?

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How to show certain selected rows with the value "pcds".


Can mysql scale horizontally?


what is constraints?


what is mysql optimization in brief?


What are the functions used to encrypt and decrypt the data present in mysql?


What is a select query?


How do you name a table?


How to create a table?


Can we store images in mysql database?


How to update a root password.


What is the use of mysqli_query?


How would you get the current date in mysql?


What is the use of innodb in mysql?


What are the functions of mysql?


Can you tell a way to know the number of days between the two given dates in php?