SQL Server Interview Questions
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what is the difference between sql query and google query?


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How can i change the column name.

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When you first load SQL SERVER you will startup with what all databases?


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Can Somebody tell me the difference between Clustered & Non- Clustered Index??


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to explain sql server 2000 architecture & authentication


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write down the sql query? Table Name : emp1 empid empname 1 bala 2 guna Table Name : emp2 empid empname 1 2 Solution : emp1 names are updated in emp2, write a query?

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What is the difference between Stored Procedure , Function and Package, 1. how many blocks in Package and what are they.


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How can u convert the Date to String?

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What is Deadlock?


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select top 5 * from emp order by newid() my question is , how this query get executed?

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how to get the rowid/rownumbes of a table in sqlserver


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how can u select the Distinct values in the table, table having 20 columns , i want all columns

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How to select Distinct columns from the table, table having 20 columns and i want all coulmns


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What is The Use Of TIMESTAMP DataType in SQL Server 2005?

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where the connection string store in the database

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how to overcome kernel isssues


Hi all, can any one please tell me the difference between sql server 2008 and orace 9i


Can we make the the chages By Using the Sql if u know any function or process please inform me Actuall result: BRK1 Break 1 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 BRK1 Break 1 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 BRK2 Break 2 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 BRK2 Break 2 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 BRK2 Break 2 Part 3 00:01:00:00 60 BRK3 Break 3 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 BRK3 Break 3 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 Desired O/P: BRK1 Break 1 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 BRK2 Break 2 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 Part 3 00:01:00:00 60


Comment,Datatypes are unlimited


how can you select rexcord(rows) from table A which is not present in Table B . Id being the FK in Table B referencing to ID Table A


How do we upgrade from SQL Server 6.5 to 7.0 and 7.0 to 2000?


If user is owning any SQL Objects, can we drop that user


Does any body please help me what question's have asked for SSRS in the interview?


what are questions asked in TCS for database tester (sqlserver)for 2-3 exp?


How to check what was the last restore transaction LSN in Log shipping or Mirroring? when we don't have a Monitor or witness server.


How to write the storeprocedure with in the store procedure? and how can we write the store procedure with in a trigger vice versa? plz post me the exact answer?


Can anyone tell that the extra features are there in SQL SERVER 2008 that are not available in previous versions .


In one interview...interviewer ask me question pleas tell me sql server architecture.. can any body tell me the sql server architecture with digram


after migrating the dts packg to ssis by using migrtn wizrd in 2005. iam not able to open ssis pack and getting error. what r those errors? how to resolve?


How can we call UDF(User Define Function) using C# code in ASP.net ?