SQL Server Interview Questions
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what is the difference between sql query and google query?


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How can i change the column name.

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When you first load SQL SERVER you will startup with what all databases?


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Can Somebody tell me the difference between Clustered & Non- Clustered Index??


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to explain sql server 2000 architecture & authentication


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write down the sql query? Table Name : emp1 empid empname 1 bala 2 guna Table Name : emp2 empid empname 1 2 Solution : emp1 names are updated in emp2, write a query?

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What is the difference between Stored Procedure , Function and Package, 1. how many blocks in Package and what are they.


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How can u convert the Date to String?

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What is Deadlock?


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select top 5 * from emp order by newid() my question is , how this query get executed?

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how to get the rowid/rownumbes of a table in sqlserver


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how can u select the Distinct values in the table, table having 20 columns , i want all columns

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How to select Distinct columns from the table, table having 20 columns and i want all coulmns


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What is The Use Of TIMESTAMP DataType in SQL Server 2005?

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where the connection string store in the database

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how do you determine the Load performance of any query in sql server {example how do u determine performance of a select stmnt which returns Dynamically many no of records ... some times 100,1000,10000 etc., }


How should i optimize the time for execution of stored procedure having single input and many output from the different tables?


What is data modeling and Reterminal integrity?


You are doing log shipping due to some reasons it is failing. How you will proceed from there


how to overcome kernel isssues


what is difference between view and Dip.


plss anybody specify tha constrian management system in dbms


explain the difference between oracle- sql and sql server sql ? if both are same y we r using 2 sw.s?


I have a table Events Events containing cardno,time,id,name--each id has a cardno my requirement is every day each employee swipe the card several times i want to calculate first and last time of each card the output should be name 1 2 6 7 in out in out holiday holiday xxx 09:30 06:30 09:40 06:45 where 1,2...... are dates for example january 1,2, etc. 6 and 7 are saturday and sunday how it is posssible


How retrieve field names from the table in SQL through JAVA code?


how many no of arguments can be passed in procedures and functions


What is the difference between online clustering and Offline clustering?


Any one plz send me SQL Server Developer/DBA resume for 4 years experience


1.what is the diff between nolock optimizer and read uncommitted isolation? 2.what is the diff between revoke and deny? 3.what is percieved down time? 4.whether password protection are required for backups?if yes why?if no why? 5.what is fill factor? 6.what is cost analysis? 7.what is mean by piece meal restore? 8.what is 'rowguidcol'? 9.impersonate permission? 10.what is selectivity?


where the connection string store in the database