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Unix Commands Interview Questions
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use of ls command

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29. How to display top 10 users Who | head -10 | wc –w


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1-how will you display a file whose name is starting with '- '? 2-how will you add a patten at end of every line in vi editor?

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in a growing log file how will you see the 1st 99 lines?

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how will you login one server's shell prompt to an another server?

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how will you convert a general file to a hidden file?

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hi i have directories within the directory. Now i want to copy the directory along with all directories included in it to one location by using copy command? what is the command

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What is the different between UNIX command and UNIX shell script?

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to list a particular line in the file

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what is the cmd to display the last exit status in UNIX?

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what is the cmd to remove the comment lines from a file and to display the original text without comments? thanks in advance......

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What is an Unix command to convert HEX value to ASCII value located in any flat file.

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How can i know my Filesystem and its current usage in my prod UNIX system?


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A file has 1000 lines and i want to display only 1st line how to do it? pls me


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What is the difference between pipe and xargs?

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What command is used to switching between users in unix?


Why is grep called grep?


What does this command do? Cat food 1 > kitty


What is the use of the tee command?


What will the following command do?


Explain the terms ‘system calls’ and ‘library functions’ with respect to unix commands?


What is command statement?


What is pipe command in unix?


What is .sh file?


Enumerate some of the most commonly used network commands in unix?


Which command is used to kill the last background job?


What do know about tee command and its usage?


How to find $ai_serual resolved path by using unix


Name the various commands that are used for the user information in unix.


What is the use of sed command in unix?