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OOPS Interview Questions
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Objective The objective of this problem is to test the understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts, in particular, on encapsulation. Problem Description Create a program for managing customer’s bank accounts. A bank customer can do the following operations: 1. Create a new bank account with an initial balance. 2. Deposit money into his/her account. 3. Withdraw money from his/her account. For this operation, you need to output “Transaction successful” if the intended amount of money can be withdrawn, otherwise output “Transaction unsuccessful” and no money will be withdrawn from his/her account. Input The input contains several operations and is terminated by “0”. The operations will be “Create name amount”, “Deposit name amount”, or “Withdraw name amount”, where name is the customer’s name and amount is an integer indicating the amount of money. There will be at most 100 bank accounts and they are all created on the first month when the bank is opening. You may assume that all account holders have unique names and the names consist of only a single word. Output The output contains the transaction result of withdrawal operations and the final balance of all customers after some withdrawal and deposit operations (same order as the input). Sample Input Create Billy 2500 Create Charlie 1000 Create John 100 Withdraw Charlie 500 Deposit John 899 Withdraw Charlie 1000 0


which is best institute to learn c,c++ in ameerpet hyderabad

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write a C++ program for booking using constructor and destructor.



what is the new version of oops



what is the new version of c++

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can you give the dynamic polymorphism types?


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what is difference between thread and programme.


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How to create a comment page in C #??

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OOP'S advantages of inheritance include:


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The type of variable a pointer points to must be the part of pointer's definition so that:


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What is this interview room ? Is it a class or an object.

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Following are the class specifications: class {int a}; class {int b}; Using friend funtion,calculate the max of two objects and display it.


WAP to generate 2n+1 lines of the following pattern on the computer screen:

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what is difference between class template and template class?


what is the 3 types of system development life cycle


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#include #include #include #include void insert(char *items, int count); int main(void) { char s[255]; printf("Enter a string:"); gets(s); insert(s, strlen(s)); printf("The sorted string is: %s.\n", s); getch(); return 0; } void insert(char *items, int count) { register int a, b; char t; for(a=1; a < count; ++a) { t = items[a]; for(b=a-1; (b >= 0) && (t < items[b]); b--) items[b+1] = items[b]; items[b+1] = t; } } design an algorithm for Insertion Sort


write a program to find 2^n+1 ?


What is an example of genetic polymorphism?


what are the different types of qualifier in java?


What is static in oop?


What are the two different types of polymorphism?


What is the difference between a constructor and a destructor?


Why is it so that we can have virtual constructors but we cannot have virtual destructors?


What are the three parts of a simple empty class?


Can we have inheritance without polymorphism?


What is inheritance write a program to show use of inheritance?


What polymorphism means?


What is difference between abstraction and encapsulation?


What is the important feature of inheritance?


Write a java applet that computes and displays the squares of values between 25 and 1 inclusive and displays them in a TextArea box