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Teaching Interview Questions
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5 facts quotes or data that support main idea#3


5 facts quotes or data that support main idea#4


i have finished my 10th class in 2004 and now i am stidying in 12th class.i nave 5 year gap between 10th and 12th. after 12th i want to do BCA.can any problem in th interview.



why do u want to join the teaching career in management college, when u r working as a sales manager in MNC advertising company


Find the radius and circumference of a circle with an area of 254.34 cm squared


types of public forder trees?



Ihave passed my pgp from MIT college and now i have joined as research associate in my college itself. but i dont want to continue it for long time maximum 6 month I am planning to work for the experience.and if i wish further to join telecom industry or something else WILL THIS EXPERIENCE COUNTS IN THE CORPORATE WORLD. plz let me know i would be thankful to you


tin bigha palce connected two which country?


i joined b.ed. subject is m.a(economics)Can i take optional paper english or not? i will join b.a(english)one sitting course. it is useful or not?

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I am a PGDM student by opting marketing and finance as my specialization, and this year i will complete my degree. apart from it i have completed in BA LL.B. so i want to know what will be the scope for me in logistics industry, bcz i would like to make my Career in logistics industry. in this month TNT logistics is coming for our campus for placements, so what will be the general questions for a logistics company?


the heppiest moment of your life ?

State Bank Of India SBI,

1 1960

In which cenema Jisas's body complextion is black?


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What appeals to you about the teaching profession


What do you understand by a communicative approach to language teaching?


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What kind of teachers would you prefer to work with? Why?


Can you cope with a very intensive course?


What is Multiple Disability? Explain the relevance of early detection ,diagnosis and Intervention?


How does the community support the schools?


What are your thoughts on the number of shows/contests you should attend each semester?


What do you look for to evaluate that learning is taking place in your classroom?


What activities would you like to work with in our school?


How would you handle a personal attack from a parent? (For example: a parent tells you, "what do you know about teaching children, you don't have any!?")


What are the different types of speech disorders?


What philosophy do you abide by?


Describe any innovative projects you have been involved in developing.


Who ruled over India when i Tsing came ?


why did punjab kesari ranjit Singh quoted price of the diamond as 5 shoes ?


What do you mean by Cerebral Palsy ?


How would you create and promote a safe atmosphere in your classroom?