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Teaching Interview Questions
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who is the first cm in andra pradesh


I want to submit all my new ideasandinventions, how and where? my E-mail web search"maheshjani" in,specially groups on the upperside of it. Maheshjani

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With adequate examples,discuss these two types of index? 1. Pre-cordinate index, and 2. Post-cordinate index


Compeare and contrast features of library of congress(LC) and dewey decimal classification(DDC)


Hi friends, this is sunny here. Can anybody tell me the name and contact no. of any coaching institute in delhi giving coaching on BANK PO in a duration of 15-45 days. thank you. 09799166263


I want to make a folder with some sub folders on my PC which is in network. I have winxp. (NTFS) .. I want to create subfolders with employee names such as network should be able to open his folder not other persons folder thro network. Please help


(1)which online tutorial is good for c++ (2)which institute good for C++ in hyderabad.?


Who is great personality of maharashtra to make over maharashtra? Dr. Panjabrao Deshmusk/Bhaurao patil/ Baba amte/Bhau Daji Lad

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in this stage of the world when many nations are brought into close and vital contact for good and evil it is essential as never before that their bross ignorense of one another should be diminished that they should being to understand a little of one anothers historical exsperience & resulting mentality


I am trying to use Geocoding-Guide to address locating in Arcmap, and when i try to right click the the content area i don't see the new address locator option. What should i do?


what is the difference between nse and bse.


thesis: clear,complete statement with a topic and a comment or argument


four main ideas that support the thesis statement?


5 facts, quotes or data that support main idea #1


5 facts quotes or data that support main idea#2


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What are effective classroom management styles?


What was the most challenging discipline problem you have encountered and how did you handle it?


What steps would you take to handle a student who is a consistent behavioral problem in your classroom?


if one sale took place between interstate traders and if trader draws invoice on other by charging cst 2% and in vat coloum he writes against H-form but trade is local sale what is comment on invoice please can he charge 2% cst.


I am going to the interview for the post of lecturer .I want to know about the types of Question asked in such type of govt. interview.


Describe the reasons why you would contact parents.


Do you feel that the teacher should be responsible for developing objectives or should they be provided in the curriculum?


i want to know salary of private teacher of primary and secondry classes in Metro cities . and what are their eligiblity.


what is the opposite of 'HOPE'


Tell me about the students who attend this school? Can you give a profile of the 'typical' student?


How would you create and promote a safe atmosphere in your classroom?


What kinds of materials have you used to assess pupil strengths and/or weaknesses?


Describe the status of computer usage at your school? How do you envision it changing during the next three years?


Hey friends! i want to know starting salary of teacher in metro cities.and eligibility for it.


Why are you applying to this particular teaching course?