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tin bigha palce connected two which country?


I am a PGDM student by opting marketing and finance as my specialization, and this year i will complete my degree. apart from it i have completed in BA LL.B. so i want to know what will be the scope for me in logistics industry, bcz i would like to make my Career in logistics industry. in this month TNT logistics is coming for our campus for placements, so what will be the general questions for a logistics company?


In which cenema Jisas's body complextion is black?


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What do you understand by a communicative approach to language teaching?


What personal qualities and experience do you possess that would enableyou to make a success in the field of teaching language using a communicative approach?


4. What, and how, would you teach a group of complete beginners in a particular language?


how is ipr different from other material possession like house,car,etc of a person?


To the nearest second, when will the minute hand lie exactly over the hour hand between 2 pm and 3 pm?


There are 90 cows and 9 poles.you have to tie cows to pole such a way that each pole is tied with odd number of cows and no pole should be left empty?


who were famous as Big Five of Bengal?


what is RTGS


is there any training istitute for mcx and share trading in Ahmedabad ?


Write a C++ program that declares an array of length N containing integers between 1 and N, determine if it contains any duplicates.


What are examples of Direct and Indirect Taxes?