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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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what is resistor


Sir, I have applied for the of section engineer at RRB chennai. please send me all RRB-chennai solved papers in the year of 2001 tO till date. i requested send me the papers to my id as soon as possible. my email id is



Hi,i m working as a Software Engineer in a small Software company. I have wrote Postal Assistants recruitment exam and waiting for the result. If I selected in that exam can i go to that field or stay in the software field itself?which field is better?what may be the salary for Postal Assistants? Please tell your suggestions..


what are the questions asking in corp bank clerk intervw pls tell me who compltd their intervw

Corporation Bank,


What is the gross salary of an IPO?


had the results for postal assistant exam november 2010 declared? pls tell me

Postal Assistant Exam,

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hello to all, i m selected on the postal assistant cadre in postal dept. i wamt to ask about the promotional hierachy for a candidate recruited as a postal assistant. plz help me . my email id is


what will be the gross salary of newly appointed postal assistant.

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I got selected in Department of Posts,India as sorting assistant in Chennai Air Mail Sorting Division I want to know what would be the gross salary and net salary (after sixth pay commission revised pay)for the post of Chennai Air Mail Sorting Division. and is there night shift?


I have done B.Pharma and currently doing MBA, I have cleared many Public sector banking exams and always face question. Why you want to join Banking sector when you have degree in Pharmacy? Please help me in chosing right answer for this.

Allahabad Bank, IBPS, State Bank Of India SBI,

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what is the reson of galvanized of iron pipe.



what is the limited age to become cheif justice of india


sir , i got selected for postal assistant(sbco) which was conducted on 14-11-2010. when can i get the call letter and all. i didnt receive any mail or letter regarding that. should i contact anyone in head post office. plz help me.

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I am selected in postal department recruitment..the ceritificate verification will be postponed..may i know the expected date?

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send me section engineer signal model paper to my mail id


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what is the gross monthly salary of court assistant in gujarat vadodara with pay scal 5200-20000 grade pay 1900


sir, i sent applications to every division of kerala for postal assistant exam....i have got 89 percent marks in +2 board exam....will there be any chance for shortlisted me for written examination???


hii, i am in (h) -III year and i got job in central govt. as postal assistant and i have a training of 45 days which is coming in between my final papers i want to now if i can give papers again in the same year and safe my 3rd year other than doing it by correspondance .... thanks.


when will be declaring ssa result of epfo? if anyone known send me a mail. thank u.


Dear sir, Let me now how to calculate service tax & TDS on rent.


Please send me the syllabus and previous year papers of NATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE exam for the post of SCIENTIFEC OFFICER/ENGINEER SB (PROGRAMMER). thanks


which type of question asked about english hons subject in bank po interview? Give me answer with some questions related to english hons.........


tell me about the cricket world cup 2011


having completed 3 years of MCA, why u are interested to work in a bank?


postal assistant(grade pay 2400) Sir Along with gross salary(Rs 16500 apox.), is any other perquisites available?


which is the gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit ?


sir i require eligibility criteria for obtaining certificate of competency as Electrical Supervisor,work of electrical supervisor and at where


When the sorting assistant training begins?


what is the difference between general police and commissionerate police?


i'm one of those who got selected for divisional accountant by combined graduate level 2010.will anyone tell me when will the allocation for posting be given?