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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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i want to know about deccan gramina bank result exam is held on 5 april

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How can some one get job in Election Commission of India?


who among the following ruler was called as Kaviraja ?

Group 2 II, TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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Brihaspathi was the fouder of

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


The electoral list with the photograph is introduced in TamilNadu during the year

Tamil Nadu Police, TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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Which one of the following is Mendelian Dihybrid ratio

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


The end product of anaerobic respiration in human is

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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In annual plant exchange of gases takes place mainly through

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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Glycolisis is the conversion of

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


Protoplasm is the "physicaL basis of Life" was said by

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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the word 'samkhya' means

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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MADHVA school recognises

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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when drug inspector exam will be conducted in 2014 in tamil Nadu.


please tell us the address of office of the Electical licesning board in gujarat state with their phone nos. reply soon , thanks


i want know about the job profile of the assistant in css. do they have any posting else than delhi?


what should i prepare for an airport authority of India's interview for Manager Finance post? I have interview in next week. so, Please help me out.


hi friends both my IB n DP verification hs been completd 4 d post of DFO(TELE) in CABIMET SECRETARIAT n ws dne on 18th dec n 10 jan till now i hv nt recvd any information abt d appointmnt letter n d IB guy told me ki v wil gt d appointmnt letter within 2 months.............any1 here know anythng abt appointmt ,when wil dis most likely 2 happn?????? from, sreenish


Hi, Would the Application numbers be given in the Hall Ticket? Also, Would the candidate be disqualified for submitting two application forms?? PS: Had to submit another form because the previous one had errors in it.... Please advise.


Vidwan pass ayanu A Govt jobs rayachu


Hi ,i m going to attend IT officer interview ,I will be thankful if any send information about that. my email id is


how many members can be created inside a single ICDS?


what are the promotions after selection of acio in ib


how can i prepare for ceptam 03,my subject is textile , which books shd i refer


I got selected (29th December 2010)in Department of Posts,India as Sorting Assistant RMS 'T' Division (Tiruchirapalli)Central Government Job. I am waiting for the induction training. Already one batch is undergoing induction training. And for me it will be in the end of MAY 2010. Now i cleared SBI clerk written exam and attended interview. I am confused now, if i get selected in SBI Clerk then which job I have to prefer. Please guide me in choosing a right career.


my name is rahul i have cleared sbi interview but i have not submitted noc certificate of obc can any one mail me the format for noc certificate my email id is ""


I m akash kumar from dehradun n i belong to sc's my interview on 8 dec 2014 for sbi's written in my call letter to have "english version of those certificate, which are  in vernaculer language.what i got is i hav to get my documents translated into english which r in hindi. Can anybody tell me how to do this?


What is meant by Region 'A' states mentioned by SBI for clerical interview language selection?