VB Script Interview Questions
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Write a program to resize an array of 5 elements to 4 elements and display all the elements.

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Create a file system object to do the following i. Create a folder ii. Create a text file in the folder iii. Update text file with some tex

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write a Vb script to find a whther a selected drive exits.


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Dear All, I am geting below IE error whilie executing the QTP scripts in Batch mode "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue . Thanks Balaji


How to search word in a string without using instring function?

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reverse the string without using reverse string?

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compare the string without using stringcomp function?

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print the array values in ascending order?

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find the length of the string without using length function?

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join all the array values without using join function?

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filter the array values without using filter function?



Hi everybady, i have faced few Qns in one of i attended interview, please help me out with these below Qns. 1. how to join values without using join function? 2. how to compare values without using String compare function? 3. input is Bangalore, but i need output like this below format, what is function to use and get this outcome B A N G A L o R E 4. Input is "CapGemini" but uotput should be like this "inimeGpaC" 5. Input is 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 Can someone let me know results of this Qns, please. Thanks.

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Consider there are objects in a webapp which are identified by QTP. Suppose you know only the logical name of a object(absolutely nothing else about it). Which approach will you take to find the "micClass" of the object(You can't use Object Spy, or can't add the object in repository)?


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how do you make the variable declaration mandatory?what is the use of "option explicit"?

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Write a program using Java Script / VBscipt that checks if two matrices have identical values in all the elements


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Can someone please tell me what poor design in a relational database (not the layout or style) is and how it can be avoided? PLEASE...im desperate.




how to acces the remote mechine using vb cript(QTP)


how to write a vb script in QTP for yahoo registration form, i want to check the performance also like performance test, stress, load test like that.


how to write codings in QTP using vb script. please help me. i am new to QTP. it is easy or very much tough. please tell me


1) How can we use VB script in testing the application? 2) What all are the things(Software application to be installed in PC) we need to learn VBscript?


A folder is there inside no of textfiles are avilable. How do count the textfiles. Normally folder means we are using subfolder methods but textfiles is not working for subfolder methods and how do get file name also.


What is the difference between VBScript and JavaScript?


Hi Friends my Question is very simple,in Manual testing when we click on a hyper link it directs us to the relavent page or it re-directs us to the current page,so there we can easily write testcase but same thing if we do in automation script using QTP & need to generate report using Reporter.report event how we will do it?thanks in advance...


How to replace junk code recorded by QTP with a mall function.


How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table


what is the use of QCUtil? explain with one example?


filter the array values without using filter function?


How to use QTP Object in .vbs(vbscript file) file Ex: Browser().., wait(), exist() and etc...