VB Script Interview Questions
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Write a program to resize an array of 5 elements to 4 elements and display all the elements.

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Create a file system object to do the following i. Create a folder ii. Create a text file in the folder iii. Update text file with some tex

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write a Vb script to find a whther a selected drive exits.


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Dear All, I am geting below IE error whilie executing the QTP scripts in Batch mode "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue . Thanks Balaji


How to search word in a string without using instring function?

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reverse the string without using reverse string?

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compare the string without using stringcomp function?

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print the array values in ascending order?

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find the length of the string without using length function?

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join all the array values without using join function?

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filter the array values without using filter function?



Hi everybady, i have faced few Qns in one of i attended interview, please help me out with these below Qns. 1. how to join values without using join function? 2. how to compare values without using String compare function? 3. input is Bangalore, but i need output like this below format, what is function to use and get this outcome B A N G A L o R E 4. Input is "CapGemini" but uotput should be like this "inimeGpaC" 5. Input is 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 Can someone let me know results of this Qns, please. Thanks.

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Consider there are objects in a webapp which are identified by QTP. Suppose you know only the logical name of a object(absolutely nothing else about it). Which approach will you take to find the "micClass" of the object(You can't use Object Spy, or can't add the object in repository)?


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how do you make the variable declaration mandatory?what is the use of "option explicit"?

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Write a program using Java Script / VBscipt that checks if two matrices have identical values in all the elements


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what is the standards used for writing the script in QTP


how to operate webobjects in a webpage using getobject function and then using generic methods?


what is the use of QCUtil? explain with one example?


Hi, Can anyone please send me vb script examples to practice vb and also material to learn vb scripting in QTP? my email id : hareen_11@yahoo.com


Write a test case using Test if the images,a particular test exists,check if the page links match,page response is within a certain range,parameterization of the test,the test should comprise of actions,the test should use a custom function,the test should use global repository


can anyone send me a vb scripts code for clicking on a link and coming back on home page again does the same for many links on a web page.


why do u choose to go for testing why cant for devoloping


who will create the object?


Write a Program to add 2 numbers without using operators (+,-) and without using third variable. Note: Use VBScript only Hint: You can use other operators like '/' & '*'(Division & Multiplication)


give me any information abou vb script books learn quckly


while using Keyward driven framework in QTPif new requirements are added how to manage it...plz ans


i am having some basic knowledge in c and VB 6.0. i qtp i want to know how to write the codings. by recording it is generating lot of codings. for example i want to test the text box. senerio is text box should not accept alphabets if it accept alphabets we should return fail status if it get number we should return pass status. how to write coding in vb script please help me


what do you mean .ota mobile format


Develop a parameterized action that accomplishes the following a. Launch a browser of users choice ( example : IE, chrome etc) b. Open up a search engine (Google, Bing etc) c. Perform a search d. Click a particular link depending on the user’s choice ( 1st , 2nd or third link)


filter the array values without using filter function?