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If a calulator having 3 buttons (of any number)in 3 of them one is not working properly due to which answer is wrong always. write a script to find out which button is not working properly ?


How to write Descriptive programming in .VBS file i wrote this code but it is giving error.. Dim qtApp set qtApp=createobject("QuickTest.Application") qtApp.Launch qtApp.Visible=True Set objIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") objIE.visible = True objIE.Navigate "www.gmail.com" browser("title:=gmail").title("title:=gmail")

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How to use QTP Object in .vbs(vbscript file) file Ex: Browser().., wait(), exist() and etc...


what types of bugs will we find out in banking projects for automation testing?

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Whenever I use Wscript.Echo Qtp raising Run time error as 'Object required for Wscript' How I can create object for Wscript

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I want to import the sheet from the Excel to the Datatable using VB Script. I used the Syntax as 'Datatable.ImportSheet "Filename","SourceSheet","Destinat ionSheet" Ex: Datatable.ImportSheet "D:\Data1.xls","Sheet1","Global" Qtp producing run time error,How I can solve the problem

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Write program for identifyig duplicates in flight Departing from and Arriving in mercury tours(web application).


How to generate 3 digit random number?

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Can any 1 modify the code whr in want to add\rename a excel sheet in qtp?

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a;;b;c;;;d in this string output is abcd will come how can we do that in vbscript in QTP testing?

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wat is the com(common object model)object for mozilla firefox???????plz if any one know the exact answer....reply me......


wat is com(common object model)object for mozilla firefox??? if any knows the exact answer....plz rply me

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How to write VB Script for selecting a particular row in a WebTable?


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Hi all..I have two values. a=20 ,b=30 I want to perform c= a+b and c= a*b using user define function.please anyone give the answer

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How to find arry size in qtp vb script

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Explain the string concatenation function in vbscript?


What are the differences between sub procedures and function procedures?


What is the use of option explicit in vbscript?


Mention what is the use of option explicit in vbscript?


Explain about scrrun.dll in vbscript?


i need to sort the data using qtp script for this how i need to write a qtp script


How can you destroy an object in vbscript?


Why is error handling required?


Explain the extension .hta?


What is vbscript procedures?


How to pass argument by reference to a function in vbscript?


can anyone send me a vb scripts code for clicking on a link and coming back on home page again does the same for many links on a web page.


Mention if qtp generates vbscript code as we record actions, can't it possible to directly write using vbscript code when qtp does the same thing too?


What is the purpose of drive object of scripting.filesystemobject class in vbscript?


Explain the .wsf files?