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where can i learn VB scripint ?



how to genarate a random numbers in vb?

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write a program to display the system specifications of client system with the help of vb script.

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write a program to display configuration of a local system with the help of vb script.


explain with example primitive data types of vb script.

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how does vb script help in web page designing? explain with example.


what is the features of visual basic?


how to find greatest of n numbers!


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1.I want to establish connection with excel and also want to fetch the data using SQL queries. 2.the code should be written in such a way that in future if I want to migrate from excel to MS excess database , then there should be minimal changes.


How to replace junk code recorded by QTP with a mall function.


which is the best institute in banglaore for software testing?

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which is the good software training centre in bangalore?

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which is the bset training centre to learn automation tools?

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best training centre in bangalore

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How to remove the spaces in a string Ex: "this is apple"

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How to replace junk code recorded by QTP with a mall function.


what is the differance between BYVAL,BYREF?


How to write a VBscript for web page performance test i need a code send if any knows the code If any knows VBScript book plz send to me the link to my mail plz


1. How do declare public variable in vb scripts?


How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table


Write a test case using Test if the images,a particular test exists,check if the page links match,page response is within a certain range,parameterization of the test,the test should comprise of actions,the test should use a custom function,the test should use global repository


how to write validation function for date in vb script


Can someone please tell me what poor design in a relational database (not the layout or style) is and how it can be avoided? PLEASE...im desperate.


Hello friends..... Can any give the methods for Ms-Access, and Mozilla firefox in Automation Object Model in QTP. Please give me currect answers... if you do not understand my question please don't give answers. Thanking you.


Illustrate briefly about the different types of statement


PLz send me the VB scripts which is having more examples my email id : hareen_11@yahoo.com


hi what is called GUI in QTP 8.2 and how can we test the apllication using GUI?


How to make professional test report using vbscript code in UFT, which gives us complete analysis of the test.


Hello Friends , I am the new joinner of this website. I am working with Sapient ,Gurgoan I would like to ask few qurries regarding the QTP Tool of (Testing) Currently working on QTP Tool . I would like to no learn VB Script can u name some Books which i get in market. And a small issue in QTP I had 2 users right i have to login and send the document from this user to second user right. when i am send this doc some contendId number generates right. now i am loging into second user and i have to search for that contentId right i found it now i dont want to accept the document so i had an opption of check out ok i have to click on check out my QTP Code is like this Browser(" ").Page(" ").WebTable(" ").ChildItem (3,5,"Image",0).click Browser(" ").Page(" ").Link("ChecK Out").Click i new this code is perfectly right but when i am run the script i have to click on that particular contentId and click on check out but now the Problem is started the error is the document has been already checked out remeber every time my content id changes means it is the new contentId which is not been used atleast once Please help me out in this issue i am in big trouble


i wrote vbscripit code in notepad i got error i am in learning stage if u ps tell me what wrong in my code my error is "object required descriptive at line one run time error"and my code is "set usernameobj=Descriptive.Create() usernameobj( "name").value="Username" set passwordobj=Descriptive.Create() passwordobj("name").value="password" set signinobj=Descriptive.Create() signinobj("name").value="sigin" browser("gmail").page("gmail").WebEdit("usernameobj").set ("enter username") Browser("gmail").Page("gmail").WebEdit("passwordobj").Set secure.Crypt.Encrypt("enter password") browser("gmail").page("gmail").WebButton("siginobj").click