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JCL Interview Questions
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One of My Job is running in production, which contains five steps?i want to pass the input to FIFTH step while running is it possible? if how?


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hi in one of the interview one asked me how to submit a job from cobol?as well as how to submit a jcl from CICS? can u pls any one tell me..


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In My job I have 15 procs.and in each proc i have 3 steps. i want to execute 3 step in proc it possible? if possible how?


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How to view the hexa decimal value thru file aid if copy book is not present for that particular data

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can any one plzzzzzz tell the jcl code for creating ps using idcams


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What is the meaning of the following declaration : DCB=BLKSIZE=, What is the difference between above declaration & not specifying DCB at all for a output file?

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Suppose there are 10 steps in a PROC, I want to execute only step5. How do you give the condition in the JCL that calls this PROC?


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We have two PS files,want to compare those files and put the duplicate records in one file. Input file 1 contains(1,2,4,9,10) Input file 2 contains (1,4,5,11,12,14,16). Help me with jcl.

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What is catelog procedure and how many catelog procedure to use in one job?


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How to check empty file in jcl?


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How to pass values in jcl to cobol?

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I have two input files i/p1 name id-key flag date i/p 2 name id-key date if id-key matches in the both the files then it should write the output file from i/p1 with flag 'Y'. It should be done thru JCL sort card ,Please provide the info on this. ---Note : output file should have all records from i/p1 with proper Flag.

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I have 5 steps in my jcl ,I need to execute first three steps and then 2nd step again ,4th and 5th steps if rc of 2nd step is zero


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How to copy one PS file to multiple PS files with same data?

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Can anybody tell what is tool used to generate the list of PROCS used in JCL to generate a PROCTREE


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what sort card you will use to copy the data from one dataset to another dataset?


What do you understand by the term job time – out and how can you overcome that?


I want my job (careerride) to be executed in 1 minute and 2 seconds. How do I do that?


What does it mean by Restart and Checkpoint in JCL ? How are checkpoints being taken and what is their usage ? How to use Checkpoint macro on a JOBSTEP ?


I need exexution process for JCL programs


what is JCL?


Is it possible to left uncode disp? If yes, how?


Explain the function of dd disp parameter?


Matching Logic in Jcl not in cobol.Could any one please answer this question


Can anybody tell what is tool used to generate the list of PROCS used in JCL to generate a PROCTREE


Where & How Do You Code Identifier In Jcl?


When space is allocated for an output dataset, what units can be used?


Explain how can the attributes of one sms dataset be copied to another dataset?


what is use of disp parameter in dd statement?


define cond parameter in jcl?