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JCL Interview Questions
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How is the keyword DUMMY used in JCL?

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What does the keyword DCB mean and what are some of the keywords associated with it?

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What is the difference between BLKSIZE and LRECL?

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Can you execute a PROC from another PROC?

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What will happen if you attempt to restart a job in the middle of a JCL // IF .... // ENDIF?

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How many positional parameters are there in job statement?

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What are three parameters you can specify on Job statement as well as on exec stmt ?

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How can you trap abends in the JCL?

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How do you restart a step in JCL?


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How do you pass parameters to the program as the job is being executed ?

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Why do you use a control card?

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How do you submit JCL via a Cobol program?

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How do you submit a JCL under CICS environment ?


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What is the parameter to be passed in the job card for the unlimited time , irrespective of the job class ?


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Definition of COND parameter in JCL


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What is jcl in mainframe?


How jcl is used for testing batch programs?


What do you understand by the term job time – out and how can you overcome that?


In sms datasets, what is the function of the dd mgmtclas keyword?


What does a disposition of (MOD,DELETE,DELETE) mean ?


Explain the job statement in jcl?


what are the types of abends that occur on job failure? And explain the possible causes of these


Does jcl support automatic restart?


Suppose I have a program in cobol name ”careerride” and want to execute the program by jcl. Specify the process?


What is the syntax of JCL statement?


What statement marks the beginning of an in-stream or cataloged procedure in jcl and assigns default values to parameters defined in the procedure?


i want to store 20 digits . how will u do it in cobol ?


what do you mean by include statement in jcl?


What is the function of dd disp parameter?


What happens if both JOBLIB & STEPLIB is specified ?