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SAS Interview Questions
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Which of the following is not created during compilation phase?


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Assuming {et} is randomly drawn from N(0,1) and e0 = 0, generate 200 observations of xt = et − 0.5e(t−1) and draw a line graph of xt.


% let A=3+4 what is result


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how to delete the duplicate columns permanently in SQL


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how can get the first and last observations in a dataset using Proc SQl?


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how can you sort the dataset having millions of OBS(instead of sort procedure?


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how we can create a FLAG datasets? Ex:-ID age_group no_persons 1 to 10 10 to 20 3 11 to 20 21 to 30 7 21 to 3o 31 to 40 5


Hi, I have one dataset, could you please ans for this. id amount paid_amount 1 700 400 2 900 250 3 300 300 a 400 250 b 500 320 c 800 650 x 200 190 y 900 250 z 300 180 i want create new dataset having id and paid_amount who are paid high amount comparing amount. ex: 1d paid_amount 3 300 c 650 x 190

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when we are using the PROC TRANSPOSE? OBSERVATIONS are repeated then what will happen and what it will show in log window.

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Hi, I have one dataset like id date ex: id date 1 13 1 13Oct2011 2 14 2 14Oct2011 3 15 3 15Oct2011 --->this is the current date here i want date format like 13Oct2011,14Oct2011 how we can modify the numeric to date format plz answer.

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How we can create SAS USER DEFINED CODE?


i have a macro variable var1,var2. i want titles for the each macro variable separately? how it is possible?


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i have a dataset with 100 obs i want to generate title from 20th obs onwards with total observations. that should contain 100 obs.dont use firstobs and dnt split the data. use dataset block or proc report? how can we genarate;



i have a dataset with 100000 records. i want 100 records from that dataset and create a dataset.we need to pick the observations random order like 100obs,500obs,1020obs,1890obs,2565obs like that i need 100 obs in random order? how can we create this one?


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what is hash files in sas and why we are using this one in sas?



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Un-Answered Questions { SAS }

what is the basic structure sas administrator? : Sas-administrator


Explain the main difference between the sas procedures and functions? : Sas-administrator


how do you pull data from equifax?tell me the process?


What is a method to debug and test your SAS program?


What are the default statistics that proc means produce?


Describe the ways in which you can create macro variables? : sas-macro


how to read the variables in sas? : Sas-administrator


what versions of sas have you used (on which platforms)? : Sas programming


What is the difference between class statement and by statement in proc means?


Differentiate between proc means and proc summary.


I have a SCD Type 2 Dimention for Location In which A Sales Office in Having two Surrogate Keys just because of the change in it's Sales Group. SKey SalesGroup Sales Office BeginDate EndDate 280 SG1 SO1 01APR2000 01APR2010 281 SG2 SO1 02APR2010 31MAR2999 Now while loading the Fact, the Lookup ir returning SKey 280 for records before and after 01APR2010. I am not able to give WHERE condition in the Lookup Properties (TranDate between BeginDate and EndDate). Please help.


how does sas handle missing values in assignment statements? : Sas programming


Name and describe few sas character functions that are used for data cleaning in brief.


What is proc sort?


what is proc Index? and what is proc document?