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SAS Interview Questions
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data study; input Subj : $3. Group : $1. Dose : $4. Weight : $8. Subgroup; x= input(Weight,5.1); datalines; 001 A Low 220 2 002 A High 90 1 003 B Low 193.6 1 004 B High 165 2 005 A Low 123.4 1 ; Why does X get truncated? X shows up as 22 instead of 220,9 instead of 90 and 19.8 instead of 198? This problem doesnt happen with the values 193.6 and 123.4. This does not happen if x is read on the 5. informat instead of the 5.1 informat

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What is the difference between Proc tabulate and Proc print


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How to convert a given date value into SAS date

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Hi I have list of products in a dataset, which are classified by other name for eg:- there is a product A> Malambo Shiraz Malbec 750ML(0388) which is a Red wine.Now i need to generate a report where it shows if this product appears then it should b displayed as red wine,similarly for other products and other classification. I dont wan use proc format.


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There are 200 observations in a dataset, i want to pull out the observation no's 100, 150,180,190 by using Proc SQL? How you can get it?

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How to do user inputs and command line arguments in SAS? D&B

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How do i read multiple spaces in datasets?


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how to perform paired t-test using Base/SAS & SAS/Stat?

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What is the difference between Regression and Logistic Regression? Can u explain the Assumptions/Conditions?

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Does anybody has lastest SAS certification dumps,if anybody has please mail me at Thanks Akshara

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what is Difference between PROC SQL JOINS and MERGE?

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what is PhaseIII, ODS, TLG, Macro and Proc in SAS


What is difference between sas rename and lable?

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What is the difference between SAS Data step and SAS PROC SQL, and which is better?


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Does anybody has lastest SAS certification dumps,if anybody has please mail me on

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Un-Answered Questions { SAS }

what is data integration? : Sas-di


What are the data types in sas?


what is sas data set?


what does the run statement do? : Sas programming


What are the special input delimiters used in SAS?


Approximately what date is represented by the SAS date value of 730?


What system options would you use to help debug a macro? : sas-macro


What are the ways to do a “table lookup” in sas?


What is a method for assigning first.VAR and last.VAR to the BY group variable on unsorted data?


What is substr function?


what is sas database server? : Sas-di


what is the use of proc sql? : Sas programming


What are the functions used for character handling?


What is run-group processing?


Assuming {et} is randomly drawn from N(0,1) and e0 = 0, generate 200 observations of xt = et − 0.5e(t−1) and draw a line graph of xt.