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Data Stage Interview Questions
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Can anyone tell me a difficult situation who have handled while creating Datastage jobs?

Cap Gemini, TCS,


what is the exact difference between dataset and fileset in datastage?


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i have 3 diffrent tables. 1) US rate data 2)CANADA rate data and 3)MEXICO rate data. All 3 tables have 6 collumns each. 4 collumns are commun to all tables and 2 are diffrent. Now at target i want single table say Country rate which will have (4+2+2+2+1 flag) 11 collumns. I will add a flag collumn which will indicate country and will put nullable collumns which are not common to other. How i can implement this in datastage?


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i hav source like this . deptno,sal 1,2000 2,3000 3,4000 1,2300 4,5000 5,1100 i want target like this target1 1,2000 3,4000 4,5000 target2 2,3000 1,2300 5,1100 with out using transformer

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Anyone has Datastage certification free dumps for 000-418 , 000-421 codes, mail me @ 000-418 : InfoSphere DataStage v8.0 000-421 : InfoSphere DataStage v8.5


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how to sort two columns in single job in datastage.


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how to sort two columns in single job in datastage.



how to sort two columns in single job in datastage.


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Which warehouse using in your datawarehouse



Hi frnds, my scenario is like i'm having a record 1234"1323£3434%343434^23232!1212$23232 in the above record all the special characters must be can we do it in datastage 8.0.1.can any one please ans this? thanx in advance


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my source is sequencial file and my target is dataset. i am running the job in two node configuration file. my source having 10 records how the data move to target?


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source file having the data like aabbccc, i want target file result like a1a2b1b2c1c2c3.

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souce file having the columns like name company krish IBM pooja TCS nandini WIPRO krish IBM pooja TCS if first row will be repeat i want the result like this name company count krish IBM 1 pooja TCS 1 nandini WIPRO 1 krish IBM 2 pooja TCS 2

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How many partitions does a node can have? Some body explain me clearly about the partitions and the nodes?

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guys pls tell me where we use sequence jobs exactly in realtime proj explain pls with example.


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What are the different layers in the information server architecture?


what is stage is used for below Input columns: dept|mgr|employee|salary Output columns: mgr|count of employee per mgr|avg salary per dept note: each dept has one mgr and each mgr has many employees


What are the types of jobs we have in datastage?


What are routines in datastage? Enlist various types of routines.


Where do you see different stages in the designer?


Can you explain how could anyone drop the index before loading the data in target in datastage?


Explain ibm infosphere information server and highlight its main features?


What are the main differences you have observed between 7.x and 8.x version of datastage?


On which Dimension Table you implemented SCD Type in your Project


Hi,can any one please mention list of dimension and fact tables for Sales and Distribution System for a Pharmacutical company.


What are the differences between datastage and informatica?


How and where you used hash file?


Nls stands for what in datastage?


What is use Array size in datastage


Which warehouse using in your datawarehouse