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Informatica Interview Questions
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How can you access the remote source into your session?

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What is difference between partioning of relatonal target and partitioning of file targets?

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what are the transformations that restricts the partitioning of sessions?

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What is Performance tuning in Informatica?


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What is power center repository?

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How can u work with remote database in informatica?did you work directly by using remote connections?

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What are the new features in Informatica 5.0?

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what is incremantal aggregation?

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What are the scheduling options to run a sesion?

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What is difference between stored procedure transformation and external procedure transformation?

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Explain about Recovering sessions?

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If a session fails after loading of 10,000 records in to the target. How can you load the records from 10001 th record when u run the session next time?

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How to recover the standalone session?

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How can you recover the session in sequential batches?

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How can you complete unrcoverable sessions?

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Define sessions in informatica etl?


Explain the difference between a data warehouse and a data mart?


Separate from an archive server and a powerhouse?


Can you generate sequence numbers without using the sequence generator transformation?


is there any way to read the ms excel datas directly into informatica?like is there any possibilities to take excel file as target?


server hot-ws270 is connect to Repository B. What does it mean?


scenario where i can use only concurrent execution of workflow.


what is unit testing?tell me proceedure


How do you load alternate records into different tables through mapping flow?


what is diff b/t sorter t/r and agg have the option sorter property...


I have 10 columns in a flat file and 10 rows corresponding to that columns. I want column number 5 and 6 for last five records. In unix as well as informtica.


What is the difference between informatics 7x and 8x and what is latest version?


Mention few power centre client applications with their basic purpose?


How to convert multiple rows to single row (multiple columns) in informatica


State the limitations where we cannot use joiner in the mapping pipeline?