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Informatica Interview Questions
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My source data like... Empid Name 10 chandra 10 sekhar I am expecting result is Empid Ename 10 Chandrasekhar How can we solve this prob?

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what are the types of Data warehousing ?

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what are the types of facts with Examples?

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My sql query is 1. select 1+x from dual? 2. select 1+'x' from Dual? 3. Select x+1 from dual? what is the out put of the above queries?


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What are the tuning techniques you applied during your last project


i have two coloumn emp_no sal 1 3000 2 3000 3 3000 4 4000 5 5000 6 2700 7 4500 i just need output by removing answer should be emp_no sal 1 3000 2 4000 3 5000 and so on.please tel me the transformation to use and if variable is used in expression then how can i give variable expression

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my source table having and and i have only sureshraj and rajeshraj for my target table which transformation i have to use in informatica


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How we will implement Pushdown Optimization and Types in Informatica with better examples


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in my source table one of column contains the data like,, these records i need to send in target table as below format. vishnuraju,suresh,krishna

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i have source like this ID 1 2 3 4 sal 1000 2000 3000 4000 and how to load target like this o_sal 1000 3000 6000 10000 can you plz give a sol using informatica

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Filter condition at workflow level & filter condition at mapping level . Which will get preference or which will work.

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can we have to do changes in session property when we are dynamically generating target files?


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Types of error logs in Informatica?

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expain about the tune parameters?



Lookup transformation, one condition is having SQL override (Empno < 10) and the other condition is Lookup (Sal>1000), which is dynamic. How will u resolve this situation?



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What does “tail –f” command do and what is its use as an Informatica admin.


What are the differences between source qualifier and joiner transformation?


How to use procedural logic inside infromatica?


What is mapplet in informatica?


What is the use of target designer?


Explain the informatica workflow?


Differentiate between source qualifier and filter transformation?


What is a grid in Informatica?


How to create Target definition for flat files?


What are the components of workflow manager?


Is it possible to use a client with different version than that of its Informatica server?


What is dimensional table? Explain the different dimensions.


What are the static cache and dynamic cache in informatica?


While importing the relational source definition from the database, what are the metadata of source that will be imported?


The question was on time stamp. what is the difference between HH and HH24 when to use when.