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Cognos Interview Questions
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-------------Diff b/w Union and Unionall?

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-----------------What is Singleton?

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-------------------What is StarShema?

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------------------What is Inline Query?

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----------------What is Surrogate Key?

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Diff b/w surrogate Key and Primary Key?

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------------------What is Focalpoint?

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------------------- What is Busschema?

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--------------what is MemberCaption?

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------------What is Slicer memberset?

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-----------What is member Description?

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----------------What is Scopr Relationship?

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-----------------What is Direct and Conventional loading?


------------ Diff b/w MemberCaption and MemberDescription?


-----------------What is Determination Model?


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Un-Answered Questions { Cognos }

How to join multiple db in catalog?


what are the migration tools available in the market with respect to cognos such as impromptu reports are migrated to cognos reportnet?


what is the use of backward drilling in cognos 8?is it possible?whats the uws of it?


how you burst the reports? If you are bursted reports is not reached to destination how you identify?when you import data into catalog you have complex columns do you change the name of those columns?


please can you give me some banking domine calculations developed in framework manager plzzzzz thank you.


1)diff between shortcut-key and alias table? 2)what is unit testing? 3)what is scorecard?


What is the difference between Standard and Metrics folder?


What is a dimension?


Hi experts,Recently I faced one questions in MNC,They having 4 tables in FM ..One fact table CALLING X, Remaining 3 tables are there not fact calling y,z etc...We want to join individually from X to Y..please suggest.


What do you understand by the term 'aggregate cache'?


What is the function of model design accelerator?


write a query to display the departments with no employee?


Hi.. friends, dis Bhaskar p.if any of u having realtime scenerios.. plz send to me.. my mailid s send ASAP.. waiting for reply..


What are the ways to import data into catalog?


hi..i'm searching on cognos.i want to know some real time explanation..persons who have real time exp and who r searching in this field..can u send ur mail-id is u will respond as soon as possible..