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Cognos Interview Questions
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what is mean by complex starschema ,star schemagrouping?


Can anyone tell me which automation tool is used in cognos,is it a testing tool or performance enhancing tool Thanks in advance

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can anybody tell me when do use 'running total'...give an example for the usage of running total


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where do we see the run time of the report ?

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Can we create a web page where the report directory and the output can be viewed directly across cognos connection?


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Which service handles requests for cognos connection,query studio and event studio.


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plz giv ans . user1 developed some repot ,user2 modify the same report and user 3 also some updates in that same report ? how to indentify that report will be modified r not ?

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Is cognos models are version compatible?

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What is slicer & dicer ? what is sub session parameter ?

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How to test a cube?


hi all i am searching for cognos jobs pls inform about the jobs


Can the expiration parameter of 365 in the cognos 8 configuration how to increase common symmetric key lifetime in days


How to Create users in cognos Access Manager from 1) front end 2) back end


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1)How can we do the Union in Report Studio? 2)What is the meaning of Aggregation and Rollup Aggregation? 3)How can we hide the columns in Report Studio and How can we view the hiding Objects? 4)Can we provide joins in Report Studio and in which situation we can go for outer join? 5)If we take a Date Prompt and run it once it will show default data,how can we change it exact 1 month back data?

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1)what is the use of Deployement and Scheduling? 2)If you have a prompt in your report , after scheduling the report will it run? 3)How can we move our reports from one Environment to Another Environment? 4)What is the complex report in your project and whar are the critical issues have u faced in u r reports and tell me name of some recent reports have u created? 5)What are the limitations of value prompts?


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Can the expiration parameter of 365 in the cognos 8 configuration how to increase common symmetric key lifetime in days


What is difference between page break and section report? What is main advantage datawarehousing over oracle?


When we save a report in report studio with what extn it save?


Can you define query studio?


Can you define pivot?


What is main advantage datawarehousing over oracle?


How to create a cube in Transformer? What is the process? Please mention process thank u


How to Reset Pagenumbers in one report.


What errors and types of errors you faced in Cognos ReportNet?


What is called Cognos powerplay?


4. How many dimensions did you use in your reports?


Can you explain a cognos controller?


-------------What is Coditional Prompting?


whats the difference between previous version of cognos and cognos 8 BI?


How is possible this scenario using in type-in prompt.?