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Business Objects Interview Questions
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i want my connection to be dynamic. How can I make it. I mean the username and password should be dynamic. How?



Tell me a business scenario where I can achieve the data through MINUS only not through subquery.



what is meant by report busting


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in sap bi we have wad, then why we go for sap bo


What is recurring sheduling and batch scheduling?


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In banking domain how many Fact tables,Dimension table are present?



How to get two dimension objects in a same block which are comming from two different contexts ?

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every alternative row should be hilighted ? how u can ?

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why we are using derived tables ?how it will help?

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how u restrict the values?to display 5 values insted of 10 values?

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what is mean by lov?

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limitaions of cross tab ?

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how can i add two different reports in the same document?


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I need to modify Web Intelligence Report, I need to Add 7 columns in WEBI Report-Java Pannel, so i could Add only 6 Columns in the Webi-Java Pannel as one X Table - X Column is not available in the Universe. I was advised that i can do it with Free Hand SQL in Web Intelligence even X Table - X Column is not available in Universe. Please kindly let me know how to implement the same

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what is difference between global filter an query filter in web intelligence?

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What is thumbnail?


What is the functional & architectural differences between business objects and web intelligence reports?


How to create a new calendar in CMC? Can u please tell me the process to create the required calendar. Ex:- Year of that calendar to start with Jan-15 and ends with Jan -30 and the Next month to start with Feb-31 and ends with Feb-14.


webI report not showing Barcode in PDF format, i have used BC39 font,but barcode is shown in HTML but not in PDF, please any solutions??


What is the difference between user and versatile user?


What is package in BO


can some body explain how migrate the BoXI r2 to BO 3.x and crystal reports XI r1 to Crystal report 2008 ?


what are the day to day activities of BO administrator ?


How many universes can be created in a project?


Is there any other repository domains rather than universe, security, document?


If there are no indices defined on any of the columns in the above two tables, which columns would you index to speed up the left join query?


Hi, What is the best answer for tell me about yourself for 2 years experience in bo developing.


I have set of reports in BO4.0 and need to use "Hyperlink" functionality. I had to use native hyperlink functionality provided in BO4.0 but looks like it's available only in Rich Client.Currently,we have only Infoview B04.0 Launch Pad.Is OpenDoc the only hyperlink option on BO4.0 Launch Pad? Thank you.


What are the steps to do to use alerts in bo?


Explain about a task that really tested your analytical abilities?