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Teradata Interview Questions
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We are migrating an oracle table into teradata, the volume of data is huge and partitioned (year wise list partition). How do i simulate the same in teradata.


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why should we go Teradata over Oracle,what is the main differences?


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How do you load Multiple files to a table by using fastload scripts?


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Aborted in Phase 1 data Acquistion Incomplete in fastload?

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Aborted in Phase 2 data acquistion completed in fastload?

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Fast Load Script is failed and error tables are available then how do you restart?


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How do you Generate Sequence in Teradata?


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How do you Generate sequence at the time of Display?


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There is a load to the Table every one hour and 24/7.Morning trafic is high, afternoon trafiic is less, Night trafiic is high.According to this situation which Utility you use and how do you load,which utility used?


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Why Multiload and Fastload does not supports SI,JI,RI and TRIGGERS?

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Why Multiload does not supports USI and supports NUSI?

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How to run the Teradata jobs in unix environment ???


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which join mostly use in realtime?


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How to copy teradata scripts from ur remote desktop to server machine?

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how to load or extract the error table data ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Teradata }

What are the various etl tools in the market?


Highlight the advantages of PPI(Partition Primary Index).


Is multi insert ansi standard?


Name the five phases that come under MultiLoad Utility.


Write a program to show the parser component used in teradata?


How is the teradata different from oracle?


Difference between stored procedure and macro?


Hi Friends, Please send me Teradata Materials for certifications Thanks in advance !!


What is spool space and when running a job if it reaches the maximum spool space how you solve the problem?


How to find duplicates in a table?


Briefly explain each of the following terms related to relational database management system (rdbms) – database, tables, columns, row, primary key and foreign key.


What is the purpose of using case expression in teradata?


A certain load is being imposed on the table and that too, every hour. The traffic in the morning is relatively low, and that of the night is very high. As per this situation, which is the most advisable utility and how is that utility supposed to be loaded?


What is the use of having index on table?


Can any one explain me the difference between BTEQ and MLOAD,TUMP. All canbe used for same purpose but still differnt methods. why ?