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Teradata Interview Questions
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How is Teradata in current market?

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Can we Suggest as how is the process to get a job in teradata in current market??Is it easier???


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what are the roles and responsibilities of teradata DBA ?


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what are the day to day activities of teradata DBA ?



hi guys...i have good experiance in oracle i want to learn teradata? how much of percentage my knowledge is used to understand the teradata? i mean.. if teradata also having sql queries or not?

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Why FLOAD doesn't supports NUSI? Where as Mload supports NUSI. Please explain in this regard. Thanks in advance.


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Is PK concept available in Teradata. If it is how can we create Primary Key for a table in TD


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I want to load 1000 rcds using. FL for every 100 records there is a check point.But script failed at 120 records, when we are restarting the script, it starts from last ckpt, but Target table contains populated data but FL doesnt support existing data in target table. How can we load data in FL?


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Hi Friends I have a sql question, We have the source data as below. 101 address1, address2, address3 and the output shoulb like below 101 address1 101 address2 101 address3 Required a SQL query for this output. Please let me know if you have any sql query for this. Thanks in advance. Hari M

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what is sysdba and sysdbc ? which has high priority ?



which utitility can use for loading the data from non-teradata to teradata ?


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what is differences between Fastload and Multiload as per DBA aspect ?


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what is single value and Multivalue ?

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Hi All, I have a table with 3 fields like id,mark1,mark2 and I would like to update a mark3 field that would calculate the max for each record (so the max value of the 2 fields) in Teradata ID Mark1 Mark2 Mark3 1 10 20 2 20 30 3 40 10 4 50 50 I Have to write a update statement Mark3 with max value of mark1,mark2 fields…like bellow ID Mark1 Mark2 Mark3 1 10 20 20 2 20 30 30 3 40 10 40 4 50 50 50 Please any one help me ....Thq


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I Have Name field in a Table Name ------------- abcde;fgh;ijk; abc;def;jklm;no I want to write a sql to display name field data with out ';'.so i want to replace ; with '' how will write in Teradata


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Un-Answered Questions { Teradata }

What is the maximum number of dml can be coded in a multiload script?


Explain and compare pros and cons of start schemas?


What type of indexing mechanism do we need to use for a typical data warehouse?


What are teradata utilities?


What are the functions performed by bynet?


What are the string manipulation operators and functions associated with teradata?


What is oltp?


Explain the advantages of partitioned primary index in a query?


How many types of joins are there in teradata?


what is object level locking ? where do appear this type of locking ?


How can bottlenecks be identified?


What do you mean by teradata intelliflex?


What's the difference between timestamp (0) and timestamp (6)?


What are the uses of bynets in multi-node systems?


Differentiate database data and data warehouse data?