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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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Questions for role of a QC engineer at NDS,Bangalore 1st round is written 20 questions on aptitude and 10 question on testing Aptitude--problems on time and distance,tap problem,ages,time and work,probability, Testing 1.Difference Between QA & QC 2.Any 4 types of SDLC models with diagram. Also Pros and cons of each model 3.What is application Testing And embedded testing 4.Qualities of a good tester 5.Test cases for registering user. One field for user name,2 fields for password,"ok" and "cancel" button 6.What is a bug,explain Bug life cycle 7.Difference between priority and severity? 8.Some question on software design


hi , This is krish from chennai . i like to do istqb certification for foundation level . if any one have material for that kidely help me. just send me the material to thanks is advance for sending .


Hi all, I want to give ISTQB foundation level this july '08. PLease give me any question papers, syallabus, pateern type, books which u all have.. How long does one need to prepare. If you all have any data send it to 9986667831

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how you will find that this tool can be used to test this software?

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what all we should write to prepare a test report?plz wit template?

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As a QA person, what are the process we need to follow/do?

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difference between qa and qc?

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Can you define Quality in Three words ?

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How many levels of ISTQB Certifications r there? What r they? When they will be commenced?

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wht type of intersting things sqa have or what is intersting abt sqa and how it will be advanategous for us as a sqa engineer?


defect, error, failure, fault

Infosys, Quinnox, Redlix,

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Where I can get ITB/ISTQB sample question paper?



what are the advantages of process in Quality Assurance?

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How would you test an ATM Machine?

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How to plan the time estimations for QA cycle ?

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How to perform SQL inject test for a login page using OWASP ZAP proxy security testing tool


What is binary portability testing?


How do you deal with environments that are hostile to quality change efforts?


how do u start web logic in your application


What are the differences between test strategy and test plan?


In case you have any doubts regarding your project, how do you approach?


Will automated testing tools make testing easier?


Suppose you find a bug in production, how would you make sure that the same bug is not introduced again?


What are the tables in testplans


Performance Evaluation means..?


what is the SOAP UI and Web services? what are the uses in testing?


According to you, when is the good time to start qa in a project?


What is the role of qa in a project development?


What is is External Quality Assurance (EQA) and Final Inspection (FI)?


What are the key components of a bug report?