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PHP Interview Questions
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What will replacement of localhost username and password on submission a site

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does current version of mysql (myisam) supports foreign keys ?

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what is magic code ?

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Which of the following represents the proper way to set a session variable? Answer: a. $_SESSION['foo'] = 'bar'; b. session_start(); c. session_set_save_handler ('myopen', 'myclose', 'myread', 'mywrite', 'mydelete', 'mygarbage'); d. $foo = $_SESSION['foo']; 2.When administering MySQL, you should make the data directory accessible via the operating system 3.which statement can be used to determine how the optimizer resolves a query

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WHat is the diff. between PHP4 and PHP5?

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what is interface in php? how it is use?

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what is abstrac class? why it is use?

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how to run PHP in command line?

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What is RSS?How to use it in Program?

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how to do connectivity of 2 dbs in PHP script?


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what is the current salary package in India for a PHP & MySQL programmer who has 3 years experience

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How to connect SMTP server in php. I want to edit that in mantiss bug tracking tool. If anyone worked on mantiss software or in php, please give answer . I need to modify that in mantiss software.


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what are the various PHP Script Optimization techniques?

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what are the current or latest versions of LAMP ? Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP

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What is the meaning of curl , which is used while connecting with pay pal? and how it works?

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What are the correct and the most two common way to start and finish a PHP block of code?


What are php strings?


Tell me what are magic methods?


When is a conditional statement ended with an endif?


How to Retrieve the Session ID of the Current Session?


Is string php function?


What is mvc? Why its been used?


What are helpers in php?


Is salary fixed or variable cost?


What is better .net or php?


Which framework is best for php?


How is it possible to cast types in php?


What are the 3 scope levels available in php and how would you define them?


Tell me what's the difference between include and require?


How many types of inheritances used in php and how we achieve it.