what are the various PHP Script Optimization techniques?

what are the various PHP Script Optimization techniques?..

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1. If a method can be static, declare it static. Speed
improvement is by a factor of 4.

2. Avoid magic like __get, __set, __autoload

3. require_once() is expensive

4. Use full paths in includes and requires, less time spent
on resolving the OS paths.

5. If you need to find out the time when the script started
executing, $_SERVER[’REQUEST_TIME’] is preferred to time()

6. See if you can use strncasecmp, strpbrk and stripos
instead of regex

7. str_replace is faster than preg_replace, but strtr is
faster than str_replace by a factor of 4

8. If the function, such as string replacement function,
accepts both arrays and single characters as arguments, and
if your argument list is not too long, consider writing a
few redundant replacement statements, passing one character
at a time, instead of one line of code that accepts arrays
as search and replace arguments.

9. Error suppression with @ is very slow.

10. $row[’id’] is 7 times faster than $row[id]

11. Error messages are expensive

12. Do not use functions inside of for loop, such as for
($x=0; $x < count($array); $x) The count() function gets
called each time.

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