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Oracle General Interview Questions
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how can find the second max sal for every group(i.e i want group the data based on key and find the second max sal for every group


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how to get the second max val for every group in a table


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write a query to dispaly those name who is more than one in student table? example- in a student table sandeep kumar comes 4 times, rakesh kumar comes 2 times, ajit kumar comes 1 times so query will display sandeep kumar and rakesh kumar single times.


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dear sir/madam, i have done my engg in 2007 after that i did oracle course (sql,plsql,forms,reports) .from 2008 to 2009 i searched job but didnt i planned to move to sales field & i gone to dubai.till now i m in sales i want to shift my career in to IT industry.but now people are not hiring as i planned put fake 1 + exp. is it good or bad or any other way is there to enter in IT.please suggest me or call me 09632087338.

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how to select second mauximum value in a given table under salary column


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Define Normalization with example?

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what is dynamic SGA and static SGA



sql query to get zero records from a table


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what is integrity constrains?

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i have procedure p1.and also i declare the same procedure in a package. whice one is efficient package procedure or procedure?


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how to get count of tables in particular database in Oracle?

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In my table i have 4 columns with 100 records but in that 4 columns one column contains all NULL values so can i add NOT NULL CONSTRAINT on that column......... ok if it is not possible, can i add NOT NULL CONSTRAINT from 101 Record Onwards?

Cap Gemini,

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Is it possible to join two tables, that are in two different users (e.g. SCOTT and HR etc.),but im same database (e.g. ORCL)? If yes, then how it is possible? Explain with step by step procedure.


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A VIEWS takes memory in the database. If yes, how can u proove it? is there any way to display the size of views?


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What is the difference between SQL and SQL Server?


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How to invoke the data pump import utility?


How to invoke the data pump export utility?


What is a proxy object?


Why use resource manager in Oracle?


what is the difference between functional dependecy and multilevel dependency?


How do I escape a reserved word in oracle?


defination of bitmap index


What is set operator oracle?


What is oracle open database communication (odbc)?


Explain the use of full option in exp command.


Can we create database in oracle using command line ?


How to write date and time interval literals in oracle?


What is the maximum number of triggers that can be applied to a single table?


We are using Oracle apps with XML publisher.In that,we are facing some problems while giving a Footer in RTF Template.While giving a footer in RTF Template it is Visible in all the pages,but after the PDF is getiing generated,the Footer are Visible on alternate pages only (like on first page ,third page) and so on. Please provide the Solution for getting the Footer on all the pages.


What is the minimum client footprint required to connect c# to an oracle database?