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Oracle General Interview Questions
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In Exception handling if we are using the when others first then what happens . whether it will show the compiler error


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> CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION FACTORIAL_1(factstr varchar2 ) 2 RETURN NUMBER AS 3 new_str VARCHAR2(4000) := factstr||'*' ; 4 fact number := 1 ; 5 BEGIN 6 7 WHILE new_str IS NOT NULL 8 LOOP 9 fact := fact * TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(new_str,1,INSTR(new_str,'*')-1)); 10 new_str := substr( new_str,INSTR(new_str,'*')+1); 11 END LOOP; 12 13 RETURN fact; 14 15 END; explanation Above program?


query optmization techniques and quwry analyser+projects+ppts


Hi how Can I Add A Foreign key that references a table that has composit primary key ? example i had costumer table that has C_Id and SSN Both as PK and another table has C_Id that must refernece C_Id in Customers i done the usual way and got oracle error message about uniqeness any ideas plz

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how to find the n'th highest salary from emp ?

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how to find out second largest value in the table

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how to find out largest value in a table

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how to insert the image in table

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how to retrieve daily sal from emp table in oracle 10g


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What are steps required to ENTER DATA INTO DWH?

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which language is used to develop the oracle........?


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difference between truncate and delete ,drop?

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We are using Oracle apps with XML publisher.In that,we are facing some problems while giving a Footer in RTF Template.While giving a footer in RTF Template it is Visible in all the pages,but after the PDF is getiing generated,the Footer are Visible on alternate pages only (like on first page ,third page) and so on. Please provide the Solution for getting the Footer on all the pages.


hai, when to use char and varchar2....?

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what is Single Byte Overhead...?


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Why packages are used in oracle?


What is set operator oracle?


What is execute immediate in oracle?


What is oracle instant client?


What is a cursor and what are the steps need to be taken?


How to use existing values in update statements using oracle?


How to experiment a data lock in oracle?


How to create an oracle testing table?


How can I convert single byte kana characters into multi byte kana characters and vice-versa.


How to run create database statement?


What is key preserved table?


How to assign a tablespace to a users in oracle?


How to display employee records who gets more salary than the average salary in the department?


Can objects of the same schema reside in different tablespace?


How do I connect to oracle database?