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Oracle General Interview Questions
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What is the purpose of init.ora. ? how many init.ora exist in oracle installation? suppose there are 3 database on one oracle server, how many init.ora do I have? what are various database objects? how will you identify memmory related performace issue in oralce? any idea about basic architure difference of oracle and db2? comment on which is better , with reasons? what is a fuction based index? is it recommended to use the same. ? what is global temporay table? what is teh signification of the parameter session_cached_cursor ?


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a query to select maxmun 3 salaries of employee table

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Ho to insert no. of records at a time..i mean i want to insert 100 records at a time into a table

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I have a database backup file in .db (ext) form how to conver it into .dmp (ext.) for oracle database



how to convert .db (extention) database file into .dmp (extention ) for oracle database ?



what is meant by magic query


Define the terms primary key foreign key and also the difference between primary and the unique key

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What is autonomous transaction?

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i have a table and it has constraints and i want to get "ALTER TABLE table_name ADD CONSTRAINT constraint_name constraint type" this code must be in string type please help me if you want, i can give more explainings

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i must get table name, constraint type, constrain name with using concads "||" and it must be in string type, then with join processes i need code please help immidiately

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ex. one table is having 1 column with 10 records , then how to display all the values in row wise ?

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How to transfer database(500 gb) of oracle enterprise edition to standard edition downtime is only 1 hour not using exp/imp option ?

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can any one help me with import/export options in oracle............

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Differnce between view and index

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SELECT * FROM (SELECT TITLE FROM MOVIE ORDER BY RANK DESC) WHERE ROWNUM > 4; when i run the above query .it produces output as NO ROWS SELECTED.why ?plz any one help me


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State and explain about oracle instance?


How to download oracle database 10g xe?


I have some query regarding Report generation from Oracle Apps "PO module". I have to generate a report where table columns are as below: Vendor_name Invoice No PO Number Item_Quantity Value of Goods Date of Shipping Name_of_the_transport Date_of_receipt_issued. Now my questions is :from which table/column I can get the information of "Name_of_the_transport" column. Thanks in advance.


What is an index associated with a constraint?


master table and child table performances and comparisons in Oracle ?


What is the use of file param in imp command?


What is rowid and rownum in oracle?


What are the logical operations?


Are truncate and delete commands same? If so why?


How to define a record variable to store a table row?


How will you identify oracle database software release?


How to return top 5 rows in oracle?


How to start instance with a minimal initialization parameter file?


How to call a stored function with parameters?


How to display row numbers with the records?